May 17, 2011

Tutorial and Treasury Tuesday: Whimsical Inspiration

When I think of "whimsy" I think of soft subtle lighting, burlap, simplicity, cute petite, magical creatures, vibrant greens, soft, grey muslin, bird silhouettes, moss, bird cages, bright colors, shiny pebbles, velvety forests, mossy bird nests,  many delicate flowers ~ all very flowy and sweet, delicate and soft. 

Here are some tutorials I thought might be labeled as "whimsy."

How sweet and very pretty I think these are! 

What sweet and colorful rosettes!

I LOVE the website Simply Vintage Girl so much! 

I love these SO much!

Isn't this the perfect fabric for whimsy? 

As you can see I am IN LOVE with these pinwheel rosettes!

The cutest little creations!

I need to make this someday!

I LOVE this!!!

Sew these up rather quickly with whimsy, woodsy fabric to give your room a nice whimsy touch! Wonderful tutorial for hopechest items. 

These are so cute!!!

Sew this up with whimsy fabric for the summer's farmer's market produce! 

I love the woodsy fabric they used for this!


To-day's treasury is going to be a little bit different. Here are some whimsy inspiration I have found, both on the internet and on Etsy: 

I'm in love!

I LOVE this scrap-booking paper! It has the most beautiful scrap-booking paper in the world! And its filled with all-things-whimsy!

I'm in love...


My absolute favorite Etsy shop who sells the most beautiful whimsical/woodsy cotagey items is:

The lighting in this is incredible!





  1. Wow! I love the one of the ship and the girl looking out at lake in a storm. And those bird egg rings are really cool.


  2. Ahh, such a lovely post... :D