May 30, 2011

Announcing the Garden Giveaway Winners....

Now, I know that all of you are excitedly anticipating the annnouncement of the winners, but before I announce them, I would like to go over the rules with you:

If you are a winner you must {even if I know your contact info.}...

1. Comment on this post within 48 hr. of announcing the winners to claim your prize.

2. Leave your e-mailing address in your comment. {Will not be published}

3. I will contact the sponsor as soon as possible. If you have not heard from the sponsors within this upcoming week, let me know. 

Now, I know that many of you are very much anticipating who the winners of my thirteen garden giveaways are, and so, without further ado....

*clearing of throat* Drum roll please....

The winner of the handmade cards generously contributed by Miss Eowyn from Living for God is...

Comment #7

I posted about it. :)

Miss Hannah 

One of Ten...and Loving It

I hope you enjoy your cards!


The winner of the full seasonal subscription of the wonderful King's Blooming Rose Magazine {first issue sent this July} contributed by Miss Sarah Bryant is...

Comment #91

I have so many favorite Bible verses -
 But probably my favorite is John 3:16!

~Miss ALK

Miss ALK 

I know that you will be very much blessed by this wonderful magazine! 


The winner of the historical paper doll set {your choice} contributed by Miss Atlanta is....

Comment #60 
HI Grace,

I follow your photography blog.


Miss Carissa 

I hope you have fun with your new paper doll set! Let me know which set you chose!


Now, I know most of you want to know who won this beautiful, gardeny, springy apron that Miss Ashley Nicole has generously contributed. Well the winner is....

Comment #30
I like the Emma Rose Reversible Hobo Tote Bag on her site.

Congratulations, dear! I hope you enjoy your prize!


The winner of the beautiful cross stitch tea cozy kit is....

{I first drew comment #38, but because Miss Carissa has already won a prize, I have drawn another winner}

Comment #34

ONE of my favorite posts was the one where you described our visit! ;-)

Yes, indeed that was my favourite post as well. 

Miss Johanna 

Congratulations, dearest friend! I knew that you especially wanted this prize. 


The winner of the macaron sampler box contributed by Casey from The Whimsical Spoon is...

Comment #56
I follow your other blog!

Miss Kendra from Ismikendra

Congratulations, dear friend! I hope you enjoy those yummies, and let me know what they taste like!:)


The winner of the sweet, little pair of cake earrings is...

Comment #9
I am already a follower of your blog. #1

I hope that you are blessed by your prize!


The friendship issue of The Girlhood Companion contributed by Remembrance Press is...

Comment #38
Following you!:D

My favorite part is when she said:
"Gardening is worth all the effort it takes to cultivate and nurture tender seedlings to maturity"

Miss Anna Faith
Congratulations, dear! I hope that this issue will bless you immensely!


The winner of the  Frenchy, Paris, lavender-stuffed sachet contributed by the sweet Jana from Shattered Princess is...

Comment #23
Seeing this post makes me want to watch Marie Antoinette. 

I have never seen the movie before, so I think I'll go watch it on youtube (it's actually on there)!

Miss Camille M.  

I hope that you enjoy your sweet-smelling treat, my dearest friend! 


The winner of the beautiful, gardeny necklace donated by Miss Leigh from Barberry and Lace is...

{I did drew Miss Camille, but she has already won a prize} 
Comment #51
I did a post about her giveaway in one of my posts.

Miss Peyton Hardwick from Apples of Gold

Oh, I am so happy for you, dearest! I hope that you enjoy your sweet, little necklace! 


The winner of the winner of the $20 shop credit to the lovely Etsy shop Whimsy Pics, generously contributed by Melissa is...

Comment #54
I like the journals!


Miss Bethany

I hope that this prize blesses you! Do let me know what you purchase with your credit, dear!:)


And finally, the winner of the beautiful butterfly bookmark with matching sticker/seal from Priscilla is...

{I first drew comment #7, but Miss Kendra has already won a prize}

Comment #24
I hearted Priscilla's shop on Etsy!

May you enjoy your prize!


Congratulations to the winners!!!! 

Again, please comment on THIS POST within 48 hr. with your e-mailing addresses. 

Thank you so much to all who entered and who have joined me for my May Garden Party. I hope you have had a most delightful time! 

Blessings, dear readers!
Miss Grace, The Keeper of the Garden

May 29, 2011

Giveaways Close

I cannot believe how quickly this month has slipped by! I had such a delightful time hosting my May Garden Party, and now 'tis coming close to its end. I apologize for not having all the posts on time and such, but I hope you had such a pleasant time as I have. Perhaps, I shall host this again, but I think this year it was a little too much for me to have every day filled with something. :) 

Anyways, giveaway close in less than three hours, so hurry up and enter my giveaways!!!! I have some delightful prizes!

Handmade Cards from Eowyn 

Garden Apron from Bramblewood Fashion

Tea Cozy Cross Stitch Kit from Country Garden Stitchery

~From Whimsical Spoon

A Pair of Sweet Earrings from Made by Michelle

A Handmade Paris Lavender Sachet from Shattered Princess

{Open to International Readers!!!}

Flower Garden Necklace from Barberry and Lace

{click to "enter" shop}

$20 credit to Whimsy Pics

Headcovering from Sowers of Hope

Giveaways winners shall hopefully be announced to-morrow, but I might post some of them this evening because I cannot wait!:) 

Love always,

May 28, 2011

Crafting Frenzy

One fateful *click* and mine eyes behold a most beautiful thing. 

After seeing this picture:

{via} {found from carlotta's pininterest}

My eyes widened; my creativeness starting to run wild, my mind swirling with ideas...

I am happy to announce that my new summer project will be
an art journal

I am so excited right now! I can't draw or paint, but the one area where I can dabble with my creativity, is...


Crafting is down flat out amazing! *smile* 

Here are some more amazing photographs as inspiration:

It's not really going to be a daily journal, but one filled with scraps and quotes...

Ribbon and lace...

Lots of vintage and anthropologie...

{visit above link}

Lots of Frenchy, Italian, vintage-postage stuff!:) 

Lots of old-fashion brown...
Lots of pop outs...

{More inspiration here}

And so I must go, release my creativeness!:) 

How do you express your creativeness? 


Last Garden Giveaway ~ Sponsored by Sowers of Hope

Dear Readers~
This post is ever so late, so I will extend the giveaway time a little more than when my May Garden Party ends. 

To-day's giveaway is sponsored by....

Sowers of Hope Boutique Icon.jpg

Now, at first I had the prize for the Modest Fashion Contestants, but since not many of you entered, I'm just going to make it a drawing.

The winner will receive this lovely wide-headband...
Especially, now that I am growing out my bangs, headbands like these are a wonderful help to keep the stray hairs out of my face!:)

This headband can be worn two different ways:

Thank you SO much to Claudia for helping me and making this giveaway possible!

Here's how to enter {there is no mandatory entry}:

Visit Sower's of Hope blog, and follow!

Sowers of Hope Blog Icon.jpg
Go heart Sower's of Hope Etsy shop, and when the shop is up and running, let me know what your favorite headcovering is. 
Sowers of Hope Boutique Icon.jpg

Follow my blog. {By the way, what happened to all my followers???} 

If you entered the Modest Fashion Week {worth three entries; leave three comments}

Let me know if you have entered my giveaways over at my photography blog.

Let me know if you have entered all of my past giveaways here! 

Let me know what your favorite things to do in summer are. 

All of thee above is worth one entry, unless otherwise stated. 

Giveaway is open to US young ladies only. 

Giveaway closes on Saturday, June 4th at 12:00 Noon. {Late entries will not be accepted}. 

Leave SEPARATE comments PER entry you complete.

May the Lord bless you with a lovely day!