May 29, 2011

Giveaways Close

I cannot believe how quickly this month has slipped by! I had such a delightful time hosting my May Garden Party, and now 'tis coming close to its end. I apologize for not having all the posts on time and such, but I hope you had such a pleasant time as I have. Perhaps, I shall host this again, but I think this year it was a little too much for me to have every day filled with something. :) 

Anyways, giveaway close in less than three hours, so hurry up and enter my giveaways!!!! I have some delightful prizes!

Handmade Cards from Eowyn 

Garden Apron from Bramblewood Fashion

Tea Cozy Cross Stitch Kit from Country Garden Stitchery

~From Whimsical Spoon

A Pair of Sweet Earrings from Made by Michelle

A Handmade Paris Lavender Sachet from Shattered Princess

{Open to International Readers!!!}

Flower Garden Necklace from Barberry and Lace

{click to "enter" shop}

$20 credit to Whimsy Pics

Headcovering from Sowers of Hope

Giveaways winners shall hopefully be announced to-morrow, but I might post some of them this evening because I cannot wait!:) 

Love always,


  1. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog! It is so very pretty, and I love all of your wonderful garden related art. I shall follow you!

  2. Oh do post the winners tonight, Grace! ;) I'm ever so excited and cannot wait...well, I suppose I can.

  3. Exciting! I can't wait to see who the winners are!!

  4. Oh, please post them tonight, I am soooo excited to see if I won any giveaways!
    oh, I hope I won!
    Please, oh, please do post a few to-nite!

    Rachel :)