May 22, 2011

Just a Trifle...

Dearest Readers~

I am so terribly sorry for not posting the giveaways! The internet has been giving us trouble as of late, and I have been away this Sunday at a friend's house. 

This is but a little trifle of a post, but here are some Youtube videos that I have been loving:

The first time I watched this video, how horrified I was, but then {after a few more times} I was rolling on the floor, dying with laughter!:) Every time I watch it, I am laughing; thus this video is dear to my heart ;)!

I love the accents they do in this video, as well as when "Cathrine" says in her modern voice, "Never say never, right? Right?" And then "Fredrick" comes back and says in HIS normal, modern voice "Catherine, how could you go to a man so soon?"
{Note: Jostie Flicks are videos you will either love with all thine heart, or will look at me like I'm out of my senses=D}

Oh, oh! And be sure to keep watching! Sometimes these videos {even at the end} have a bit of funniness {is that a word?} added.

The Josties are such a neat family. They tour the country by blessing people with their songs...I would definitely {along wit the Duggars, Baits, Long ladies, or the Wissmans even} LOVE to meet them. They glorify the Lord {and amuse :)} people with their talents. Their videos I enjoy very much, and I hope you will as well!

Now this one is JUST ridiculous! But I love it all the same! ;)

:P < That's all I have to say!:)

Okay, now, these two are ridiculous, redonculous {pronounced ree-donck-cu-louse}, I say!!!

These two are some other favorites!:)

{Especially this one ;P}

Yeah! Just put a DOT in there and one of those like slicey things!!!!!!! And like, it like was like totally like not cool like, when like, I was like trying to like talk like and like, and so like, and yeah, and I know *panting* Okay, I totally could not do that!:D

*happy sigh*

I have also been enjoying this:

Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of modern-day music, but Charmain's voice {which does not whine like some women singers}, I really like, AND her songs have Christian messages to them. These two songs are very catchy in my opinion with the tempo. :)

{Click to view the lyrics...the song will make more sense}

Well, I should be preparing for bed, and returning to my reading. Only about eight more days of school...I am ever so happy!:)



  1. I laughed like crazy!!!! :P I especially liked the "So Much Better Together" one :P LOL

  2. I already liked JostieFlicks, so I wouldn't think that you're crazy! :)


  3. Hey Grace, what is the wissman family website?