May 10, 2011

Garden Tea Party

Good afternoon, my dearest readers! How good it was of you to stop by my garden on such a lovely, spring day! Oh, and what a perfect time you have stopped by for 'tis just about time for tea!:) 

I have just set all my little tea things upon the table...

Of course, I have set out my best china, Royal Albert's Old Country Roses, for the occasion...

The teapot filled with freshly brewed French vanilla tea...

All my little tea things set out in the garden of course! Out in the open air with a light spring breeze murmuring through the flowers...

Atop the table are mason jars filled with cherry blossoms, lilacs, petite roses, and pink peach blossoms...

As we chat endlessly, gracefully sipping our tea in our gloved hands, we shall nibble on the most delectable treats...

Tiny cakes from a "nearby" bakery with tiny cherry blossoms painted on them...

The prettiest French macarons from Paris...

{Can you not tell I am in love with macarons???}


Sweet berries picked from the garden and surrounding fields...

Sweet truffles...

And after the party is over, I shall give out these...

....As party favors, filled with sweet little things for you to remember our high tea! :)


For those who are planning their own garden tea party, here are a few recipes I thought would be simply perfect to serve your guests:

Are these not adorably cute???? 
{Note: please be careful of this site; I just looked up garden party ideas and this recipe came up. I do not know what normal content is published on this site.}

This is a cute and unique centerpiece!

As for decorations...

I absolutely adore these!!!! So whimsical

You can find some very good and inspirational tips here if you are planning a summer garden party.

 Thank you again for stopping by! I do so hope you enjoyed my little Garden Tea Party.
 Please stop by again soon, for another big giveaway is around the corner. :)
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With Much Love,


  1. It all sounds lovely, and absolutely delicious!
    What blog are you planning to post your modest outfit on?

  2. What a lovely post... capturing the beauty of fellowhsip and tea... two things that go hand in hand.

    Many Blessings,

  3. Very cute Grace! I love your ideas!

  4. Oh this looks delightful, to be sure! I just have no friends or anyone that lives near me I could invite over for something like this! :(

  5. Lovely! It makes me want to host a Gardne Party at my house!

  6. I think I'll have to have a garden party after seeing all of the wonderful ideas and inspirational pictures!=)
    The pinwheel planters are so sweet!