May 16, 2011

Garden Giveaway #9 Sponsored by The Shattered Princess

Bonjour, dear readers! This shop is going to make you say "Ooh, la la!":)
 Some of you, I know, are French fashion enthusiast. Everything about the Marie Antoinette era - the dresses, the makeup, the hats, the fans, the lacy collars, the silk, the completely decked out attire in general - all intrigues us, no? 

 I am SO excited to feature this delightfully French, shabby cottage Etsy shop called...

I have been an admirer of The Shattered Princess for awhile now, after stumbling on her simply lovely, lacy, frilly, French-themed products {being a lover of all things French, old-fashion cottage myself. ;-)} Now what an honor it is to feature Jana here in my garden to-day: 

~The Interview~

Me: Hello, Jana! I am so delighted to have you here in my garden to-day! 
Do you think you could please tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself?

Jana:I love pastel colors and almost anything vintage. I try to create items that have an old world flare. I'm addicted to vintage lace and anything with roses. My "real" job is extremely stressful, and I find that creating things that look like they come from a gentler time helps me to relax. I have a true love for all things feminine, and often my creations have unfinished edges or lace dripping in ragged cuts as it was found. I suppose alot of people would look at the materials I begin with and consider most of them junk, but a torn bit of old lace or a vintage brooch with a missing stone is a blank canvas for me!!

Me: What inspired you to start an Etsy shop and how long has it been in full operation?

Jana: Shattered Princess opened January 2010. My greatest joy has always been creating, and a number of stores in my area carry my items. That's good, but when dealing with shops, I find the owners want multiples of items that are popular. That becomes tedious, and boring.
While I'm happiest creating, repeating it becomes work! Deadlines are also the enemy of any artist and the joy quickly fades. 

With my etsy shop everything is on one of kind, whatever whim catches my fancy that day. One day might be a purse that was inspired from a vintage earring, the next may be a painting inspired from a dream. With my etsy shop I have the freedom to do what feels right.

Me: Your shop's name is quite you have a specific concept behind the name?

Jana: I've always had an attraction to anything regarding Marie Antoinette. I've always seen her as the epitome of all things feminine yet strong. To live such a lavish life came with many costs. To marry a man you've never met, and be separated from your family at such a young age, she had to be very brave. 

Well, we all know how that story ended.

Women today have more responsibilites than at any other point in history.

We're expected to have careers, be good wives, be attentive mothers, run a household, take care of our elders, and still look pretty!

The name Shattered Princess is a tribute to how strong todays woman has to be.

Me: What is your inspiration for your products?

Jana: The inspiration for my items can come from anywhere.

There is so much beauty in the world!

People say I have an artist's eye.
I don't think so.
I think I just get more excited about the beauty around me than most.
Today I found a robins egg in the garden.
While I had torn feelings about one less robin to grace my garden, I felt like the universe had entrusted me with one of its treasures!
I gently brought, blew it, and spent an hour coating it with clear nail polish.
I tucked it away til inspiration strikes.
I have hoards of vintage buttons, pretty paper, vintage linens, bits of nature and so on.
My husband will pick up something on the counter and ask " Is this garbage or art?"
So, I guess I have a bit of "crazy" going on on my head, but every day is an adventure.

Me: So, what is perhaps to you the most enjoyable part of being an Etsy owner and crafter?

Jana: The best part of being an etsy shop owner is the freedom to create what you want. Your shop can be whatever you dream it to be!

Me: What are some of your best selling item(s) in your shop?

Jana: I would have to say that my best selling items are my journals.
They are each very unique and sometimes hard to part with.

Following that would be my jewelery line, purses, and my french inspired cushions.

Me:Tell us, what are a few of your favorite Etsy sellers/shops?

Jana: My all time fav. etsy shop would be newrain!

The lace this woman offers is to die for!!!

Me: Do you have a goal for your Etsy shop this year?

Jana: My goal for Shattered Princess this year is to focus more on creating artistic and flowing clothing items for women. This will also include purses and jewelery. I've had 3 weddings to attend already this year, and can't believe the lack of anything unique on the market to wear!

I don't want to up-do the bride, but it is a celebration of a commitment between 2 people, and I personally think that's the biggest celebration of all.
We should honour that by dressing accordingly.

Me: I agree!:) Being an experienced Etsy owner, could you share a few tips with the beginner Etsy 
owners among us?
 Jana: Tips for new etsy shop owners.
Be honest and fair.
Always give people more than they expect.
Be attentive to your clients needs.
Always keep open communication with your client.
Be grateful!!!

Thank you so much, Jana, for letting me interview you! I hope you had a lovely time in my garden and that this year you are blessed by many sales. 

~A Peek Into the Shop~

"Let them eat cake," indeed...

 when why not purchase some lovely, French eye-candy for the home at The Shattered Princess

This shop is filled with a lovely assortment of lacy, vintagy, fabulously French :) items including...

The most gorgeous pillows...

All decked with ribbons, frills, and lace... 

A trousseau fit for a queen...

I think this would be quite lovely gracefully laying on one's neck while wearing a huge ball gown like this:

See how dull {ignoring the frills and lace ;)} and colorless it is? Really, I think if Jana would have lived during the French revolution era, she would be working for Marie Antoinette's trousseau. :)

I'm in love with her journals...

{In complete uttermost love!:)}


This is a gift tag!!!! Are they not beautiful???

You can even purchase a few royalty tags for only $6.00!!! Tres Bien!!!

And if you want to create your own French masterpieces, she is selling a beautiful kit full of the loveliest scraps!

She also sells cute, sweet-smelling sachets...

That I am simply in love with...

{I <3 this! A lot.}

She has 78 items for sale at the moment, so there is plenty to choose from!

~The Giveaway~ 

Jana has generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for my May Garden Party by contributing one of her lovely... 

Lavender sachets! Now you all know how much I am in love with lavender sachets, but this is a Parisian lavender sachet. *faint* Envy is quickly overtaking me at the moment, so let us move on! Oui? :) 
Special SPECIAL thanks to Jana for contributing this lovely prize. 
To win this lovely lavender sachet here's how to enter: 
Required: You must complete the mandatory entry or else all extra entries will not count. 
Required: You must leave separate comments per entry you complete or each entry will not count.

~Mandatory Entry~
{counting as one entry}

Become a follower or be a follower of my blog, 
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Let me know what your favorite time era is. 

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For those who do now keep a blog, you may enter by:

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{If you have an Etsy account} Heart her shop and add Jana to your Etsy circle.

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All of thee above are worth one entry unless stated otherwise. 

Giveaway is open is open to young ladies WORLDWIDE!!!!

Giveaway closes later this month. 

Vous etes pret a gagner? {are you ready to win?} Oui? You may begin typing, now, dears!



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