May 1, 2011

'Tis Spring, 'Tis May...Let's Celebrate!

The garden gate squeaked slightly as I opened it; I closed my eyes and breathed in a fresh scent of and overwhelming aroma of sweet roses, lilacs, and sweet peas, all mingling together into a delightfully, refreshing fragrance, as the birds sang sweetly above....

Slowly, I opened my eyes and bursts of colors I beheld in this glorious garden...the deepest reds, the lightest and most vibrant pinks, dark purples, and the velvetiest of greens. Each flower bloomed to its fullest with centers of pearls and gems. The garden was cloaked in enchanted beauty...

In the midst of the color and splendor, lay a canopy of vines, delicately swaying in the gentle, eastern spring breeze, covered in blooming pink and white roses and satin ribbon streamers of many pastels...
Tucked within this whimsical canvas of vines and flowers, stood a table with pink and white crisp table cloths and decked with streaming flowers of peonies, cherry blossoms, roses~any glorious flower you can imagine and so much more...

'Twas the food and silverware and plating that also caught one's attention. The silverware with old-fashion patterns, gleamed with such luster and the mason jar lanterns atop the table and hanging above from the rose canopy, made the silver glitter. The plates chosen were mismatched, and hand-picked by the hostess. Each plate had golden and ruffled edges and the painted designs were each different flowers: lilies, roses, cherry blossoms, lavender, etc. The crystal glasses shimmered in the dim light, and tea cups, also mismatched, with an air of old-fashioness....    

The grandeur of the settings did not compare to the glimmering treats the table held. There were arrangements of steaming teas in cream-colored, rose-painted teapots, tea cakes, tarts, exotic fruits, French maroons, ruby-colored punch in tall, crystal pitchers, refreshing lemonade, meticulously-frosted truffles and chocolates, and more scrumptious treats....

At each table setting, stood a name place as well as brown paper parcels tied with red, Baker twine or satin ribbons, filled generously with truffles, lavender and rose stuffed sachets, hand-embroidered handkerchief, handmade drawstring bags, jewelry, and more delightful treasures! 

'Twas everything I had planned, had imagined ~had dreamed of~ and even more such! I stood in awe by the gate, and realized I had not  yet changed my apparel, but I was too happy walking amongst the fragrant flora to care. As I was observing the details of this gorgeous setting, my outfit turned magically into a beautiful flowing dress, and flowers and pearls pinned in my hair. My reflection I saw, in a clear, crystal reflecting pond nestled in a corner of the garden...

Faint voices could be heard...the guests were arriving! I greeted each with warm smiles and embraces, for each I was especially happy to see. Suddenly, when all the guests had entered the garden, their apparel too turned into glimmering costumes of burgundy, dark green, aqua blue, satin, lace, lavender, pink~the colors of the dresses were just like the flowers surrounding them! The spring breeze rustled the cherry boughs hanging overhead, and their delicate petals began to fall, making a whimsical, pink snow as we began to dance around the May Pole...

The merry-making lasted long into the evening, and the spring celebrations lasted all month,
For Such was the May Garden Party


After many a months and weeks planning this month...

Hoping, dreaming, planning, every detail for this event...

Tending my garden to make each detail perfect for the occasion...

Waiting for the time to past quickly....

Gathering many a flower...

From the fields...

From my own garden...

For this event...

To-day is the long-anticipated day! 
To-day is my...
May Garden Party!!!!

Although, I cannot replicate the setting I have written above, perhaps, that will inspire your imagination as our spring garden party leads us to "picnic in the meadows ladened with wildflowers," "take tea together under a rose covered canopy," "exchange presents {giveaways}," and so much more!:) This event will be filled with photography, crafts, my first, ever blog scavenger hunt, giveaways, and recipes you will definitely enjoy!   

But first, to-day is May 1st ~ May Day, and perhaps I should start where the inspiration began...

A while back, I heard from my Mom about the celebration of "May Day." From the name, it brings to mind a day in the fields with flowers in ones hair, the wind whipping about one, and gathering about in the town green to dance around the May Pole. 

Of course, to-day, if one celebrates May Day, the tradition, I recall, is to secretly leave tiny flowers at a neighbor's or friend's doorstep with a little note. 

How fun it would be to dance around a May Pole in a field full of wild-flowers!

Music and merry laughing ringing in one's ear...

And flowers gathered from the orchards and surrounding fields in your hair and about your neck...

Gathering flowers with friends and family...

The breeze rustling the tall grass around you...

Anyways, my point {before I became fanciful and poetic ;)}: I have always loved gardens, but now after "tending" my "garden" {blog} for a few years, my love has grown even more so. Flowers, ever since I was little, have fascinated me...the beautiful colors and petals that God made to compose a delicate blossom is amazing! 

Such was my inspiration for this event!
I then began to plan and ask around, and now I have a wonderful event planned for you!

This was another inspiration for my event...

This painting {enlarged extra large to obtain the right effect}, I saw at the "Getty Museum" when we went down to L.A. The painting is called Spring. The history behind it: from what Mother told me, the during the painter's lifetime, May Day was a big occasion. He painted a mural of the festivities, only in the Roman era. Such detail in in this beautiful painting, and I encourage you to view it "up close" by clicking on it!:) 'Tis almost like an "I Spy" image. :)

Here is your program for this month, I hope you enjoy the festivities!
{Note: All garden giveaways end on Sunday, May 29th and are announced the day after. If winner is drawn more than once in a giveaway, I will delete the name, and draw again to let everyone have a chance to win a prize}. 

May Garden Party 
{May Day ~ June 1st}

~First week~
{May 1st ~ 7th}
Theme: Mother's Day Garden Party

Sunday: May Day Celebration Post: Opening of May Garden Party
Garden Party Tag
Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Eowyn from Living for the Lord

Monday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by King's Blooming Rose Press

Tutorial and Treasury Tuesday: Daisy Chain Tutorials
Mother's Day Present Ideas

Wednesday: Garden Giveaway
 Sponsored by
 Miss Atlanta from Bonny Blue Historical Clothing

Thursday: A Stroll in the Sacramento Rose Garden

Favorite Things Friday 

Saturday: Mother's Day Craft Tutorials/Ideas 

Sunday: Mother's Day Brunch


~Second Week~
{May 8th ~ 14th} 
Theme: Modest Fashion Week & Garden Tea Party

Sunday: Modest Fashion Week Begins
Sowers of Hope 

Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Ashley Nicole from Bramblewood Fashion
Aya Wedding

Monday: Garden Tea Party
Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Country Garden Stitchery

Tutorial and Treasury Tuesday: Tea Party Ideas

Wednesday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by The Whimsical Spoon

Thursday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Michelle from Made by Michelle
Remembrance Press 

Favorite Things Friday

Saturday: Modest Fashion Week Ends
{Winner Announced Upcoming Monday}
Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Jana from Shattered Princess


~Week Three~
{March 15th ~ 21st}
Theme: Garden Scavenger Hunt 

Sunday: Garden Party Scavenger Hunt Begins
Prize Handmade by Me

Monday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Leigh Ashley from Barberry and Lace

Modest Fashion Week Winner Announced

Tutorial Tuesday: Headbands and Accessories 

Thursday: Garden Trivia: How Well Do You Know The Keeper of the Garden?  
Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Blossom and Twigs
Whimsy Pics

Favorite Things Friday

Saturday: Garden Party Scavenger Hunt Closes
Winner Announced


~Week Four~
{May 22nd ~ 31th}
Theme: Relaxing Spa

Sunday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Bethany from Hearts for God Press

Monday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Creative Kate

Tutorial and Treasury Tuesday: Spa Day Recipes 

Wednesday: Garden Giveaway Sponsored by Blue Sun Emporium
{Giveaway closes on June 1st}

Thursday: Spring Poem

Favorite Things Friday

Saturday: ?

Sunday: Garden Giveaways are Closed

Monday: Garden Giveaway Winners Announced

Tutorial Tuesday: Summer Tutorials

Wednesday: La Fine...Have a Blessed Summer!


Well, hopefully, everything will go as planned!:) I will post the planner above on a blog page with links, once the post are published, so you will not miss a single event!:)  As you can see, a lot of events will be going on during this month! I do so hope you will enjoy yourself.
Also, remember I have a few giveaways planned for my Photography Blog, so be sure to follow and stay tuned for that. :) 

Happy May Day, dear readers!
Love Always,


  1. Oooh! Sounds ever so exciting, Grace. ;) I loved all the pictures & you are talented at poetry. I will try to keep up with all your events.


  2. I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. :D heehee

    A smile came over my face, as soon as I started viewing the heartwarming and romantic pictures, and listening to the soothing and soul-touching music, and it hasn't gone away yet.

    In fact, my Mom asked me, "Something good happen?! You are just beaming..." :)

    I had to answer her that, "Yes, indeed, something good had happened. I am going to be part of a garden party, at last, and for the first time!"

    Can't wait, my friend! It looks gorgeous and sounds absolutely lovely already!

    {And if you need any help, you already know where to ask! ;)}

  3. What a lovely event! Thank you for taking the time, dear friend, to plan all of this!!! 'Tis going to be so enjoyable!!1

  4. It sounds delightful, dear friend!

  5. A few years ago, my family was in Alsace and the Black Forest at this time of year. When we were off the main roads, driving through the villages, every single one had their maypole up. I have some pictures, I will need to find them for you. :-)