May 9, 2011

Modest Fashion Week Opening

{Sorry this post is a little late ;) I'm running behind this week. :P}

Hello, dear readers! During my May Garden Party, how grand I thought it would be to incorporate a sort of promenad to "show off" ;) the dresses that all the garden party attendants wear. :) And 'tis a nice way to obtain outfit ideas from fellow friends. Besides, you know how I feel about modest apparel.  


Most of you, I think, know how a Modest Fashion Week works. Each day of this week {until Saturday} I will post an outfit that I wore that specific day, including a linky at the bottom of each post. 


Include in your post my button {found at the bottom of this post}, 
pictures of your outfit, 
where you purchased your blouse, skirt, hairstyle, accessories and jewelry.

If you miss a day, then just include two outfits in your post. 

I am not strict with the rule of wearing jeans, but because this is a Modest Fashion Week, I would mainly like to see skirts and dresses, if you do not already wear skirts and dresses each day. This rule applies to me as well.  

The theme for this Modest Fashion Event is springtime/summertime outfits. I would like {this is not mandatory} to see outfits that are for warm weather and with cheery prints. I would also like to see a lot of accessories {but please do not be gaudy ;)}. 
This {above} is, of course, not mandatory.  

All outfits must be modest and God-honoring. I have a right to remove links and sites that I do not see appropriate for this event. 

If you do not keep a blog and yet would still like to join, e-mail me here your pictures for each day, and I will include them in my posts. 

Once the Modest Fashion Week is over, I will set up a poll so that you, readers, can vote for your favorite contestants. The poll will be running for two and a half days. At the end of this time period, when the poll closes, the contestant that had the most votes, wins a special prize.   

The winner of the Modest Fashion Event will receive:

This is a beautiful headcovering that can be worn two ways:

{Please go here for full listing}

Special SPECIAL thanks to Claudia from the Sowers of Hope ministries for generously contributing this item towards my Modest Fashion Week. 

Visit their Etsy shop here:
Sowers of Hope Boutique Icon.jpg

And there blog here:

Sowers of Hope Blog Icon.jpg

Once the winner has been announced, the individual will have 24 hr. to claim her prize, or I will choose the next runner up.

Exciting, no? Let's get started then, shall we? 
I'll be posting my outfit later to-day, but will include the linky in this post for ya'll to get started. 


May you have a blessed day!
P.S. Comment to let me know when you link up!
P.S.S. Be sure to check out Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion who is hosting the Feelin Feminine 7 Day Challenge this week.


  1. So you said that if we email you our pictures, you would include them in your posts. Does that mean you will post our pictures on your blog, or keep them to yourself?

  2. I will participate the rest of the week, but infortunatly today is not an option to me! Nor will it be possible for me to wear skirts/dresses all week, but I will do my best. I can do the rest of the requests. Hope this isn't a problem.

  3. Hello, ladies!

    Rachel~Yes, that is what I mean. How excited I am that you are interested.

    Eowyn~Oh, that's no problem!:) Just as long as you have joined for at least three days.


  4. I will try to join up tomorrow! :) I don't have a ton of outfits, so it will be hard to find different shirts and skirts. I'll mix and match in not. ;)

  5. I hope to join up! I'll probably do three days in one post though because this week will be a full one for me. You definitely don't want me to link up today! :D {A camo skirt & slouchy tee for work! & my, my hair today! :D}

    I think this sounds like fun, especially since I just recently bought two new spring/summer skirts!

    -Many Smiles!

  6. I hope to join up soon. :)

  7. I entered! How exciting!