May 1, 2011

Little Trip...

Dearest Readers~

I will be going on a short trip with my family to-morrow for a few days, to attend the annual CHP memorial held in Sacramento. 

Thankfully, I have worked very hard to prepare all the posts during my May Garden Party event, so you will not be missing anything!:) Thankfully, our friends can watch our house making our trip possible. They are amazing!:)

Please pray for traveling mercies for us! Thank you so much, dear readers! Hopefully, upon my return, I will have a large amount of pictures of the lovely rose gardens growing at the capital building. Oh, and please keep me in your prayers...I have been suffering from the WORST allergies as of late.

Lots of Love,

1 comment:

  1. Aw, hope you have an awesome time :). And may your nasty allergies take a trip too!