May 12, 2011

Let's Frolic

Well, seeing as how there are so many delightful prizes, and since summer is around the corner, is there any other reason not to join? 
  • Favorite thing about summer?
  • Swimming in cool refreshing water,
  •  warmth, 
  • embracing a cool breeze {when usually in winter we despise it!:)}, 
  • colorful {and light} fashion, 
  • freedom, 
  • laughing, 
  • sleepovers under the stars, 
  • staying up late, 
  • twilight {not the vampire kind}
  • gazing at the stars hearing the crickets chirp, 
  • cold drinks, 
  • sprinklers, 
  • harvesting lavender, 
  • Fourth of July barbecues,
  • barbecues in general,
  • roasting marshmellows over smoky campfires on the beach,
  • the beach, 
  • and I could go on!:) I know that is way more than one thing, but summer is full of amazingness you can't just list one!!!! 
  • In your opinion, the best scent in the entire world?
  • Lavender!!!! It has to be a specific scent, though. Artificial lavender is horrid! I also L-O-V-E vanilla!
  • An embarrassing moment:
  • now? :P An embarrassing moment is when you walk into a room {in public} and someone says "Hi, how are you?" and you answer then realizing they were talking to somebody else. Yeah....
  • This is a bit overdone, but, what's your clothing style?
  • Right now I say modern and stylish. {Pictures published soon} But normally, stylish with an old-fashion flair. 
  • Deep question time: vanilla or chocolate?
  • Wow! That's a deep question to contemplate. I would have to say vanilla, but I'm good with either one {depending on how good the chocolate is}. Swirl is a great middle ground!
  • What do you think: is the Twilight fad dying out?  And if it is, are you dancing over its grave?
  • Uhh, I would totally be celebrating!!! With fireworks and sparklers! I AM AGAINST TWILIGHT!!!! One word that describes my liking for twilight {it's not worth capitalizing}: UGH!!! 
  • Favorite quote?
  • I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward. ~Charlotte Bronte I love this quote! You can find more in my quote garden. 
  • Best thing that has ever happened to you and why?
  • My salvation and my being adopted from China into a solid Christian home. 
  • Traveling: where would you want to go?
  • My readers could answer that in a heartbeat. France, Italy, and England! As I was telling my friend yesterday, I wouldn't mind going to Ireland, Austria, or Canada!:) 
  • Favorite food?
  • Pasta...all the way. I am Italian to be sure. ;) I also LOVE a good, freshly made sandwich with basil. Oh, my! I LOVE food!:)
  • What type of music do you like?
  • Classical, a bit of contemporary, but mostly classical. I am a classical violinist so it's kind of a part of my life. 
  • Canon or Nikon? (If you're not a photographer, don't feel like you have to answer this...)
  • Thank you, Guinevere, for including this question. In a heartbeat I would say, Nikon!!!! Why get a Canon when a Nikon is on the shelf? 
  • Are you a squeamish person? Any stories?
  • No, not really. 
  • Flipflops, bare feet, or heels?
  • Flipflops, more like sandals. I love bare feet, though in the summer!
  • Do you like old black and white films?
  • Sometimes...
  • Skirts or jeans? 
  • Skirts to be sure!
  • Fresh or saltwater?
  • Saltwater, even though I have a 'safe' fear of the ocean. Not strong enough to keep me out of the water, though. 
Thanks for the fun post, Guinevere!

P.S. Two more giveaways coming soon....