May 18, 2011

Garden Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Dearest Readers~
{Sorry this post is a bit late...}

Whilst we are strolling down my garden path, 

Or down a dirt lane surrounded by wild-flowers,

Or in a field full of poppies...

And wildflowers...

Or in the woods...

You just might find a treasure!


Welcome to my first ever Blog Scavenger Hunt!!!! You've heard of a blog hop before, no? Well, this is like a blog hop only with a twist....

I have many friends who I love to visit in their gardens. As a way to say 'thank you' for keeping such lovely, encouraging blogs, I wanted to involve some of my dearest friends in a Blog Scavenger Hunt concept I came up with, while in the process, "advertising" their blog. Who knows? You might just find a brand new blog that you might completely fall in love with and discover a new kindred spirit!

Here's how it works:

1. {Let's see how observant you are}. I have e-mailed a bunch of my friends to "hide" paintings/clip art on their blogs. Some of the paintings are on blog pages, some are on their sidebars, some of them are on the bottom of their blog but one place you will NOT find the painting is in a blog post.

2. You will find one painting on each blog. That's pretty simple.

3. Your job is to find the paintings and clip art that have been hidden in a bunch of these blogs. {See links at the bottom of the post}. Thankfully, I have listed {in a random order} the blogs you will find these pictures, so you do not go trampling about blindly in the blogging world. :)

4. Once you have found all THIRTEEN paintings or clip art, e-mail me HERE your answers {Be sure to write the subject as "Blog Scavenger Hunt Answers" or else e-mail will be deleted. DO NOT leave your answers in a comment. BE SPECIFIC. Tell me the exact blog and place {sidebar, bottom, or {specific} blog page} you found the hidden picture.

5. You have the rest of the month to find all the pictures.

6. The FIRST person who has found all thirteen the pictures, tells me the correct places they found them, and e-mails me before the end of the week, wins a special prize handmade by me! {pictures coming soon}

If I need to clarify anything for you, please let me know!


Here are the things you will be finding...

A young lady reading a letter, strolling by the pond...

A young maiden picking roses...

Lovely, old-fashion lanterns whimsically swaying from the trees...

Two young girls enjoying the Mediterranean, summer air, winding yarn they have just spun...

A maiden picking sweet purple flowers...

A little girl with her sister...

Strolling through a meadow...

Three young ladies staring over a cliff...

Picking lavender in a summer garden...

{one of my all time favorite pieces of art}
A young lady picking flowers in an English garden...

Young lady reading a letter...

Two sisters...

One love stamp...

{this you WILL find on my blog} 

And heavenly music in the garden....


Also, if you are having a difficult time finding a specific painting, follow my blog, and contact me, and I will give you a little "riddle" to help. BUT this is only as a last resort if you are absolutely 100% stumped.

Here are the rule again:

Find all thirteen paintings, and email me the answers. If you are the first person to find all twelve pictures and give me the correct places you found them, I will send you a special prize handmade by me. 

Link up your BLOG ADDRESS to the bottom of this page, so I know who is entering. 

Scavenger hunt runs from May 17th ~ Tuesday, May 30th and closes at 12:00 PM Pacific timing. 

Here are the gardens you will find your treasures. Be sure to leave comments!: 

Go visit my dearest friend Miriam. 

Samantha has a simply lovely garden that you must visit!

My dear friend Kendra is a "co-hostess" as well.

Go frolic at Bess's bag!


My friend Bekah is SO sweet! You NEED to visit her blog!

~Through the Lilac Bushes~
Miss Sarah is a dear friend of mine as well, and I always love visiting her under her blooming lilacs!

When I first found Jenna's blog, this sweet, godly young lady's writings encouraged me. As I was browsing, I saw a picture of her younger sister, Miss Jessa, who just like me, was adopted from China, and I quickly pressed the "Follow" button. And I have been following ever since! Miss Jenna is such a delightful companion, you will definitely want to spend time in her beach-front garden. 

Go visit sweet Miss Ashly who is always making something oh-sew-stylish!

And of course, you must visit my dearest friend Johanna who I know will have tea prepared for you in her garden!

Dear Miss Natasha is such a sweet young woman of Christ. Her blog is a delight to visit!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting Bethany's blog.

Lucia has become a very dear friend of mine, and I always enjoy her view "from under her little umbrella." :)

This one was rather last minute, and the dear friend of mine didn't even know this, but I have added one of the above pictures to my Scavenger hunt that you will find at the following link. {This will be a bonus picture, if Miss B. will want to enter the Scavenger hunt}:


Alrighty, my dears! Are you ready to find all the little lovelies hidden specially for you? Oui? 

Grab a basket, paste this button on your blog,

 {don't forget to stop and smell the flowers} and you can begin your search! Scavenger Hunt winner will be announced later this month. 

Good luck! And thank you to all of my participants! 

With Lots of Love,

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