Sep 22, 2012

dear best friend...

{by mandy lynne of mandy lynn designs etsy shop}

I don't believe I say this often enough to you, but ::
I love you. 
[to the moon and back again. wink]

we haven't met in person yet, but ever since the first time I stumbled upon your little corner of the blogging world, somehow I just knew you were the girl I would someday want to be good friends with.
{via pinterest}

you are the girl who I feel the most comfortable pouring my heart out, knowing that you don't mind; and I am always comforted by knowing you've got a wise word to say. you are the girl who always makes me smile when I'm having the worst of days, the one with which I relish exchanging inside jokes and secrets with. you are the girl who transforms my bad days to good and my good days to the best of days.
I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.  you are creative. you are smart. you are wise. you are talented. you are beautiful! I look up to you, darling. you are the girl I know has strengthened my walk with the Lord, and you are the person I pray that my children will be blessed enough to call someone like you their best friend as well.

I am so grateful that the Lord gave me you, darling.
you're the best. ;)

your goosey girl.

Sep 20, 2012

more moments.


I think there should be more afternoons reading a book in an inglenook moments,
more journal writing moments,
more letter writing moments,
more watercolor evening moments,
more autumn enjoying moments,
more baking of treats moments,
more poem-writing moments,
more gazing-out-the-window moments,
more daydreaming moments,
more knitting a scarf moments,
more apple picking moments,
more twirling in skirts moments,
more country dancing moments,
more singing at the top of your lungs moments,
more talking with friends moments,
more making a small gift with great love moments,
more moments to take the time to love the beautiful world in which we live.

don't you agree?

the girl in the garden.

postscript :: I apologize for the last post which I accidentally published it. To be sure, you'll be wanting an explanation, but I shan't be letting the cat out of the bag so soon. ;)

Sep 15, 2012

i wish that plant life would grow all around me, so I don't feel dead anymore.

[lake tahoe | summer | 2012} 

sometimes revelations are revealed to you subtly, and sometimes it's like you've been slammed into a brick wall. those are the strange moments when the curtain has been lifted, and everything makes sense {for once}. and it seems those "aha" moments come to me when I listen to some of my favorite songs...

I have come to realize something - I've been lying to myself. {gee, Grace that is a little bit harsh!} yeah, well, it's true. when I said I was, "taking a step back," from my blogging, it was really just an excuse to hide. hide from the blogging world that had become to ravenous and blood-thirsty in my eyes; a world who I thought was ready at every moment to pounce at my throat, pointing out my little typos within my post and setting the standard I knew I couldn't reach. so why even try? 

you could never write something as perfect. you could never take a photograph so lovely nor edit it so nicely. you could never be the 'perfect' everybody wants to be like you blogger.... 

I began to shrivel up inside as these thoughts, although subtle, swirled in the back of my head.

and so I waited. 

I took a step back but instead of breathing...
I held my breath.

[spring | 2012]
I starved the artist inside me, and I became even more frustrated. whilst I watched life trickle by, I was longing for inspiration to just basically "hit me" over the head. I was longing for the day I would be able to log onto my computer and write the most provoking blog post; I was waiting for the day words would melt easily together to form captivating sentences; I was waiting for the motive to pick up my camera capture jaw-dropping photographs; I was waiting. 

but now, I want to stop waiting and t r y
{via pinterest} 

my desire is to not necessarily find my voice, but be molded into the person that God wants and created me to be. I can't say I will post a blog post every other day. I can't say that every post will be whimsy, dreamy, "picture perfect." I can't say that everything I type will make sense at the moment. but I will be comforted to know that everything I put into this lil' garden o' mine, has been from the heart.

thank you for your patience, lovelies. you are all the best readers anybody could ask for. ;)

the girl happy to be back in her garden.   

Sep 14, 2012

a beginner's guide to portrait photography // review + giveaway

hullo, dear friends! the lovely Miss Lauren Hope, authoress of A Corner Pillar, has launched her new e-book! and in celebration, she has most graciously allowed me to write up a review of it! 
before I write up my review of Lauren's lovely e-book, I wanted to say that, I am the girl who just jumped into photography, doing little research {sadly} on the art, and wanted to take JUST good pictures {well, the best pictures that one can take with a DSLR on auto setting} knowing anything would be better than my previous point-and-shoot stills. these past few months, I have become very displeased with my photographs and have taken a bit of "a break" from the pastime {I know, shocking!!}, but Miss Lauren's helpful photography e-book has inspired me to really get to know my equipment to be able to take better photographs! 

"This ebook has been written specifically for budding photographers. It speaks to a wide range of topics, such
as posing your subjects, shooting in manual mode, getting
perfect expressions, photographing children, shooting in
various types of lighting, pleasing picture composition,
and much more!" 
{for more information visit here}  

overall, I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful e-book. this book is made up of 26 short chapters - but just because they are short does not mean they are merely trivial facts. each chapter can be clearly understood and are chalk full of helpful to-the-point information for beginner photographers, sprinkled generously with advice from Lauren's personal experiences. it has been so helpful and inspiring for me personally that I can't wait to jump outside and start clicking away on my shutter again. ;) 

>>---- the giveaway ----> 
to top it all off, Miss Lauren has most generously contributed a copy of her e-book as a giveaway prize!   

UPDATE >> giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Miss Sarah!!!! 

isn't that sweet? special thanks to Lauren, for allowing me to review her e-book and host a giveaway!

giveaway ends September 19th and will be announced soon thereafter.


*disclaimer, I was not paid to do this review and all thoughts and writings are my own. images are property of Lauren Hope of A Corner Pillar