Apr 30, 2011

Spread the Word

To-morrow is the day! Are you not excited? 

Go Tell a Friend!!!!

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I would really like to have at least 190 followers by to-morrow. Do you think that possible? 
When I wake up, I hope to see at least 190 to-morrow morning!:) 
Please, though, SPREAD THE WORD!!!! I would appreciate it. 
 I have a whole program that I am writing currently, and I have to make things fit into four weeks!:) At least two to three giveaways will be hosted PER WEEK! 

Stay tuned for my May Day Celebration!

Love in Christ,

Apr 29, 2011

A Question for Ya'll

Hello, my dear readers! A friend recently told me that she is having problems commenting on my blog. I wanted to ask you if any of you are having trouble commenting on my posts as well. If you are, PLEASE let me know, because I really want to get this fixed before my May Garden Party. 
Thank you,

Apr 27, 2011

April's Simple Life...

Hello, fair readers! How delightful 'tis that you have taken the time to visit my garden! Well, between my studies and e-mailing my sponsors {*gasp* I need to do that TO-NIGHT!:)}, friends, and ladies involved in my scavenger hunt, reading my magazines, and lettering, and~well, I am writing a whole synopsis of my daily life in one paragraph! Why not have the pictures speak for themselves? 

On Resurrection Sunday, we shared a delicious luncheon made up of barbecued lamb and chicken and vegetable kabobs, homemade potato salad {the best I have ever tasted ;)}, a sort of Greek rice salad, Jello  marshmallow casserole, fresh croissants, fruit salad, and array of lemonades and desserts after church with our dear pastor's family! 'Twas a feast and a very merry afternoon.

After the afternoon meal, my dear friend Faith and I had a little "photo op" in their spring garden...

Miss Faith is so talented with the lens. {Most of the photographs [of the flowers] below were taken by Faith S. If the photograph has not been watermarked, then 'twas taken by Faith and edited by me. Please do not copy or use without permission}. 

The Lord had blessed our afternoon with fair, balmy weather....

{Taken by moi}

 My pastor's wife is very fond of roses and gardening, and she plants the most beautiful {and most fragrant} roses {I declare she has a "green thumb" ;)}...

{Taken by moi}

*content sigh* 'Twas such a delightful afternoon!


As for my garden, 'tis progressing quite well...

Gardening is truly a pastime I am becoming most passionate about...

I was happy to discover last year's carrot crop sprouting again, only this time in my tomato bed!:)

I planted two tomatoes the other day: one cherry and the other an heirloom. 

The Cilantro plants are growing as tall as can be!

A few days ago, I was startled to see another plant in my garden bed. Then I realized that my sweet Daddy had purchased a lettuce plant on his last trip to Lowes. =D I thought the Garden Santa had stopped by for a visit!

*sigh* My two Swiss Chard plants are very much welcomed in my garden...


I shall write more about the magazines in my next post.

May the Lord bless you with a peaceful evening!

With fondest regards from the garden,

Apr 26, 2011

Are You Ready???

Have you received an invitation?

Are you prepared for...

A sweet garden tea party...

Crafts & Tutorials. . .

Mother's Day Brunch....

First-Ever, Blog Scavenger Hunt...

And PLENTY of giveaways!

{I'll show you a few treats}

And that's only a glimpse into what I have in mind!:) 

There is still so much to do and so little time, but I know that you will be thrilled with what I have planned for the Garden Party! 

Please spread the word either in a post or on your sidebar:





The more the merrier! Also, if you are interested in helping me host the scavenger hunt, please contact me, and I'll forward you the details. 
I hope you have a blessed day!
Love always,