May 11, 2011

Modest Fashion Week ~ Day 3

Hello, dearest readers! Here's my outfit for to-day:
I apologize for the horrid picture. It's late, and I am not looking my best. ;) I'm still getting accustomed to smiling with my braces and right now, it looks like an awkward :P. {< yup, that's what it looks like}

My Outfit:
Blouse ~ Hand-Me-Down {gotta loves those!}
Skirt ~ Thrift store
Ballet Flats {that I wore yesterday *gasp* I know...} Payless
{You know, I need NEW shoes! I only have like one pair that I wear all the time!}
Hair ribbon ~ Michelles :) 

Fishtail braid/ basic roll {trying to get that effect anyhow. ;)} 
The braid looks more like a normal braid, but I haven't yet perfected the art of fistail braiding. *wink* To-morrow I shall do a French braid...or a basic roll, hmmm...

If you would like to know how to braid a fishtail braid, here is a tutorial I found...

'Tis like normal braiding, only you use two strands instead of three, and thinner strands than three thick strands.
 If you don't know what I am saying, then watch the video tutorial and erase the text above from your brain. Go ahead! It's easier than it sounds...yup! Now, what was I talking about...:P

Can you tell I'm in a giddy mood? =D Ah, well. I'm off to study for my tests. *sigh*



  1. Ohhhh!! Your hair is sooo adorable! Love it! Also, I am very envious of your skirt!! Since I am skirts only, I always love seeing cute (easy to walk in) jean skirts! =)

  2. I love the braid! :) And don't worry, I only have two pairs of shoes -- tennis shoes and really dirty flip flops -- which is why I didn't wear them in the photoshoot. =P

  3. I love the skirt! What thrift store did you get it from? I have found myself wearing more skirts than jeans and pants! Although, it's hard to find skirts that fit you and are modest, yet at a reasonable price. I just think skirts are so comfortable, whereas jeans are kinda pinchy. Of course, I wear pants on Wednesday because that is youth group night, and if we do games, I don't wanna show off anything, if you know what I'm saying;) I was reading on KBR website, and saw an ad on femininity. It had a lot to say, some things I didn't even think of. Like God made men for manly jobs, and girls to be feminine and girly! And skirts are so more feminine then pants!


  4. Hello sweet Grace! I wrote this earlier, but because of your blogger, they erased it. Thought I'd remind you how I *love* your outfits and all your sweet, Christian posts!

  5. Hi Grace!

    What a lovely outfit! Do not mind wearing the same shoes, I do that all the time! Also where can I submit the next day link? This collection is closed. Thanks!