May 10, 2011

Garden Giveaway #5 Sponsored by Country Garden Stitchery

This evening, in my garden, I have a very special Etsy shop I would like to introduce to you. How perfect that the name has the word 'Garden' in it as well as the prize you will want to check out at the bottom of this post. 
But first, allow me to introduce....

I had a wonderful chat with the owner of this lovely, little shop. 

~The Interview~

Me: Hello, Cathie! I am so delighted to have you here in my garden to-day! 
Do you think you could please tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself?

Cathie: I live in northern Nevada with my husband and two teenage children. I've always liked to do crafts and later on when my children were babies l started drawing and watercolor painting. My family and I explore the desert and old ghost towns in our area and I like to draw the old buildings, rock houses and remnants that people left behind. l really enjoy gardening and nature too and a few years ago I decided to turn some of my drawings/paintings into needlework patterns and I started Country Garden Stitchery. I design cross stitch, hand embroidery and ribbon embroidery patterns. I also put most of my artwork on greeting cards and other gift items I have in my online stores. 

Me: What inspired you to start an Etsy shop and how long has it been in full operation?

Cathie:  I learned about Etsy in a magazine that was doing an article featuring online venues for selling art and crafts . I signed up in 2007 and it has been a really fun experience for me and I have learned so much. I enjoy seeing the artwork of people around the world and love the creativity. 

Me: What is your inspiration for your products?

Cathie:  I am really inspired by nature and my garden. I like to take time most days and go outside and draw something whether it is dried weeds in winter or the summer garden in full bloom. I find it relaxing and it helps with new ideas. I also like to sew a little bit and get inspired by the cute fabrics available. I really like looking at other art work and crafts so I go places to see new shops or shows. 

Me: So, what is perhaps to you the most enjoyable part of being an Etsy owner and crafter?

Cathie:  I like the freedom of having my products and patterns online for people to look at whenever they can or want to and that they are accessable to anyone around the world. 

Me: What are some of your best selling item(s) in your shop?

Cathie:  I designed a little scottie dog hand embroidery pattern last year and he has become a very popular. Cross stitch and hand embroidery seem to sell equally. I have several pumpkin patterns that seem to sell well too.

Me:Tell us, what are a few of your favorite Etsy sellers/shops?

Cathie:  Some favorite shops are:

I think they offer great colorful and creative products.

Me: Do you have a goal for your Etsy shop this year?

Cathie: I have been working with smaller designs the last couple of years and would like to have a nice balanced collection of patterns in my shop that are easy to do and easy to finish. I plan on adding a pattern or two with a French theme and more animals.

Me: Being an experienced Etsy owner, could you share a few tips with the beginner Etsy owners among us?

Cathie: My experience with online selling has been a good one with so much learning. I find I learn new things almost daily with the different sites I'm on and so many people are very helpful and generous with their knowledge. I think the most important things are to keep learning, keep trying new things to see what works for you, have patience (which is probably the hardest :) and most of all enjoy! I feel really lucky to be a part of this online marketplace and it adds so much interest to my life.

Thank you so much, Cathie, for allowing me to interview you! 'Twas such a delight, and I hope that your home business flourishes with many sales this year. 

~A Peek into the Shop~

Cathie's shop is SO lovely! The first time I "stepped" into it, brightly colored poppies and hillocks lined by a neat white, picket fence welcomed me, as the bees buzzed merrily. :) 'Twas a very garden-themed, nature inspired shop indeed, with garden/nature inspired products. 

Cathie sells a colorful array of embroidery and cross stitch patterns that can be made into a quilt patch...

{above is her seasonal collection....a pattern for each season and month!}

She also sells beautiful kits to make cross stitches fit for framing!:)

Would this {above} not be pretty for a pillow? 

This would be so neat for your hopechest!

How cute this would be one a bag!

I love this sampler!

*sigh* Sweet Peas are so lovely!

And lovely tea cozies...

Which all come in handy kits...

All her products are ever so pretty, gardeny, and old fashion! 

~The Giveaway~

In celebrating my May Garden Party by hosting a Garden Tea Party, how perfect it was when Cathie generously contributed a beautiful...
{Above is the one the winner will be receiving}

Tea Cozy Kit!!! 

A cute tea cozy in white blossom and blue quilting fabric with a little teapot in yellow accented with checks and flowers. A very fun addition to the kitchen decor when not in use and very useful for keepint the teapot warm during tea time! 

The tea cozy kit includes the teapot cross stitch pattern, a premade tea cozy made of coordinating quilting fabric, and stitching fabric. The stitching fabric is 28 ct blue Jobelan linen and the edges are serged to prevent fraying while stitching and to make it very easy to sew onto the tea cozy when finished. Stitching area measures
81w x 60h. The tea cozy measures 7 1/2 x 10" and will fit a small teapot that serves tea for one.

How lovely it would be to sit quietly in the garden, under the shade of the spring lilacs, and stitch peacefully this beautiful tea cozy to give for a friend, family member, to store in your hopechest, or to keep your tea warm. 

Special, heart-felt thanks to Cathie for contributing this lovely prize toward my 'May Garden Party.'

~How to Enter~

Required: You must leave separate comments per entry you complete.
You must complete the mandatory entry or else extra entries will fail to count. 
Because this is more advanced sewing, you must be thirteen years of age to enter this giveaway. 
{If your thirthteenth birthday is this month, then you may enter}

~Mandatory Entry~
{Counting as one entry}

{Publicly}  Follow this blog 
Visit Cathie's lovely shop and tell me what your favorite product{s} are. 

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For those who do not keep a blog you may enter by...

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Giveaway open to US young ladies only. 

Giveaway ends later this month. {See program for specific dates}.

Alrighty, my dears, I know you are taking a fancy to this beautiful cozy!:) You may begin your typing...NOW!

Love always,
P.S. This is my 299th post!!! To-morrow I am posting a pretty big giveaway! Oh, and if I gain one more follower on my photography blog, I will be posting a giveaway over there as well!


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