May 28, 2011

Crafting Frenzy

One fateful *click* and mine eyes behold a most beautiful thing. 

After seeing this picture:

{via} {found from carlotta's pininterest}

My eyes widened; my creativeness starting to run wild, my mind swirling with ideas...

I am happy to announce that my new summer project will be
an art journal

I am so excited right now! I can't draw or paint, but the one area where I can dabble with my creativity, is...


Crafting is down flat out amazing! *smile* 

Here are some more amazing photographs as inspiration:

It's not really going to be a daily journal, but one filled with scraps and quotes...

Ribbon and lace...

Lots of vintage and anthropologie...

{visit above link}

Lots of Frenchy, Italian, vintage-postage stuff!:) 

Lots of old-fashion brown...
Lots of pop outs...

{More inspiration here}

And so I must go, release my creativeness!:) 

How do you express your creativeness? 


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  1. Wow, looks like you're going to be busy! Crafting sounds like fun. ;) Make sure to keep us updated!