May 10, 2011

Modest Fashion Week ~ Days 1 and 2

Hello there!:) Honestly, I wore the same outfit to-day as I did yesterday! *gasp* A fourteen years and a half years of age young lady wearing the same outfit twice in one week??? Unheard of!!!! *blush* Well, Land's End dresses are so pretty, light, and comfortable, not to mention very modest, and since mine have become house dresses, I have been putting a lot of wear into them. ;) 

Here is the outfit I wore to-day {and yes, yesterday}:

{Honestly, I do not like smiling with braces}

Dress: Land's End
Ballet Flats {that are invisible ;)}: Payless

Hairstyle: Flip Through {Which I twisted my ponytail into really fast before the camera came out ;) I actually wore a Fishtail braid to-day, but will wear it again on the morrow for ya'll to see.}

Thank you all who have entered my Modest Fashion Week! I am ever so grateful for you!:)

Will be posting another giveaway soon, here soon as well as Etsy Treasury. {What is that, like the third or fourth post to-day???? Unheard of!!!:D}

Love always,
P.S. Let me know when you link up!:)


  1. Your hair is soooooooo pretty!!! Is at actually dark blue, or did you edit the pictures?

  2. Hi, Eve!

    Hehe! Cross process {editing} does that in that type of lighting. :)

    My hair is actually dark, DARK brown with a hint of red {in the sunlight}.


  3. You have lovely thick hair. ;) I wore the same thing as I did yesterday too, so don't worry.

  4. Lovely outfit! I love your floral dress!