Oct 31, 2011

pieces of april product review.

hello, readers!
 remember the lovely etsy owner, April, who sponsored my summer garden party a few months past? 
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well, I am very excited, as she kindly has agreed to sponsor a product review as well, allowing me to choose any one of her beautiful items from her shop Pieces of April.

the package came very nicely wrapped. triplely wrapped, in fact. :) the contents within were reassuringly safe from any damage that may have come through the cruel world of shipping. 

shipping was incredibly fast. the package arrived within two to three days. 

april kindly sent me this lovely pink, peony pin in which I squealed when I saw it...

since 'tis so adorable, I think I shall pin it onto my grey ruffle coat {as pink and grey go splendidly together.} 

along with my "order," she also includes a free gift in the packages... 

these bobby pins sweet, are they not? 

// summary //
shipping was incredibly fast {{perfect for last minute gifts}}.

prices are extremely reasonable for good quality items.

packaging was extremely good. one who purchases from her shop can be rest assured that their item will not break. 

items are of good quality {my brooch was made on a vintage pin}, handmade, cute and stylish.

april provides courteous and fast customer service.
{have a question? you will not have to wait weeks nor days to hear from her}

// ordering information //

almost all orders april ships come with a free gift of some type. 

all orders come with a packing slip with specific details included. 

april promotes her other business by including in her orders either a sample or flyer. 

depending on the item itself, an order will either be packed in a mailing box or envelope. all rings from her shop come in a mailing box. 

I highly encourage you to visit her shop here. she sells the sweetest handmade accessories and cards that are unique and give the perfect, feminine touch to any outfit. 

special thanks to sweet and generous April for making this product review possible. 

*{{all thoughts and photographs above are my own. I was not paid to do this review}}. 

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  1. I will def. go and look at her shoppe.
    I agree, pink and grey do go splendidly together.