Oct 23, 2011

autumn joy.

it's in scarlet. in gold. in deep coffee browns. in crimson. in gingers. in auburns. in colour. 

it's the season we call autumn. once a year the leaves quiver in a crisp breeze, nodding their dainty heads compliantly as autumn gently leaves her kiss... 

the trees are also adorned with jewels as red as rubies shimmering in the sunlight...

knitted goods beckon to be nestled into by the fireside...

the autumn air makes the leaves dance and giggle, twirling their frocks to the beat of the wind...

draping their beauty across the barren ground...

to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. 
{{ecclesiastes 3:1}}

{{images via pinterest}}


  1. Miss Grace I love all of the pictures in this post, and the word too especially the wind quote, I just wrote a post about the wind its my favorite part of autumn.
    Rachel Hope.

    I would love to know what font you use, and I was wondering how you get some of your words bigger than the others.

  2. Lovely... your words are so calming and authentic. (And I love your choice of pictures!)
    I love your new blog design!
    About my blog design :: I had it done for me, so I have nooo idea how my designer made my sidebar page links... :)

  3. So lovely! I'm hanging on to every last bit of autumn, here in Ohio it's normally winter by mid November. :/

  4. Lovely post! The photos went with it perfectly.