Oct 17, 2011

autumn delights :: warm, fuzzy yarn {a post by grace}

{{as Johanna has graciously allowed me to write up a post during our event, the topic of "knitting," suited me quite nicely}}.

outside is bleak and dreary, but indoors a fire cheerfully blazing within the hearth. a tray filled with tea to warm your soul. a blanket of wool to place upon your lap. yet only a basket of yarn and needles to spare makes the evening complete...    
knitting. an age-old pastime, yet what a lovely ring the word still has! the needles gently resting in your hands {{just so}} as the loops of the soft yarn "magically" dance across each needle; the result being a handmade scarf, headband, fingerless gloves, etc. as well as the accomplishment of creating a ball of tangled yarn into a masterpiece comprised of complex stitches. in truth, I am not half so experienced in the art of knitting as say Miss Johanna or one of my dearest friends Miss Gabby, but there is something...special about the art, for 'tis indeed quite an amazing, if not unusual art. perhaps, 'tis the sweet *click, click* of the needles against another, or the softness of the yarn slipping through my fingers that makes me hold such a fondness for the skill of knitting. sometimes I love to go back and run my fingers through a knit project, just to feel the way the stitches form a scarf or a dishcloth. even to-day, it still makes me wonder how two needles and a bit of yarn can make such a project. :)

now, before you tell me 'tis quite impossible to learn...stop and start telling your self that 'tis indeed quite possible. my dear mama kept telling herself she couldn't learn, yet at the moment she is in the process of making a headband. :) in reality, knitting is appears MUCH more difficult than it truly is. if you do not believe me, I encourage you to pick up the knitting needles that you decided you had no idea how to use from your crafting drawer right now, and learn how to knit now. :) soon we shall be having you knitting Christmas gifts in no time 'tall.

:: learn how to knit :: 

below, I have compiled for you video tutorials {{which I find more helpful}} as well as written tutorials for people beginning to learn how to knit ::

now there are are THREE basic steps of knitting that one must learn in the very beginning.
cast on. garter stitch {knit stitch}. and cast off.

{note :: these videos below are EXTREMELY helpful, so I suggest that you start with larger needs [I use size 13 or 9.0 mm] and thicker yarn like shown below}.
{{cast on [continental]}}

how to start a project...

{{garter stitch [knit stitch]}}

"body" of the project...

{{bind off}}

finishing the project. 

these three steps will allow you to knit easy projects like headbands, scarves, dishcloths, etc., but you may extend your knitting skills by visiting this website here {thanks to Miss Gabby @ ambitious homemaker}.

now, fetch the ole' knitting needles and fuzzy yarn, and let's start knitting....

:: {autumn} knitting projects :: 

your package: write up a post about your past//present//or favorite knitting projects that you have either made yourself or want to make in the future as well as including knitting project ideas or tutorials {tutorials do not have to be yours, but please give proper credit}. after you have completed this, come back here and leave your link! so stay awhile around the fireside and knit, why don't ya?

postscript :: if you are an experienced knitter and have any favorite websites or tips and advice, leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!
p.s.s. be sure to visit back here on the morrow for a H.U.G.E. giveaway filled with all sorts of lovely knitting products. ;)  



  1. Hello Grace!

    Although I am far from being an 'expert' knitter, I do enjoy this wonderfully old-fashioned pastime. My suggestion to beginning knitters would be to NOT OVERDO it. Often times when you start a new project (it could be with anything, not just knitting), you are so excited about it that you do it all the time. Then, after a while, it becomes boring because that is all you did. So, try to not do it so often that it gets boring. I say this only because I started a lovely project, got bored, and am having to finish it in order to get it shipped to my customer, but... I'm not enjoying it too much! ;)
    Also, don't get frustrated when something goes wrong. You might come up on a hard stitch that you haven't done before and didn't realize was in the pattern before you started. No worries! Just grab a different pair of needles and yarn and practice the stitch before doing it on your project. If you mess up, well-just consider it a learning experience and move on. :)
    Oops, didn't mean for my comment to be this long! Tips just kept popping into my head! ;)

    Thanks for letting me share, though, Grace!

  2. Wow, you inspired me. I'm more of a crocheter than a knitter, but I think it's time to get my needles out. That silk scarf is so gorgeous. I just might have to do that. :)

    Love this series by the way.

  3. Wow! This inspired me. I'm more of a crocheter than a knitter, but I think it's time to get my needles out. I love the silk scarf, I'm going to have to try that.

    Love this series by the way.

  4. My grandmother taught me how to knit & I'm very thankful that she has! I've made dishcloths and other things for our family and it's wonderful to be able to help. I usually knit in the winter though, since it's more of 'cozy' project for me.

  5. Oh goodness, this was a lovely post Grace dear! But trust me, I am not that experienced :) All these lovely tutorials looks *so* sweet, especially those leaves.
    Thanks so much for linking me and my blog up! You are too sweet!
    Love you,

  6. Hello Miss Grace!
    Thank you so much for this post! My sisters and I love to knit! Ashley taught herself to knit using some chop-sticks and an encyclopedia and ever since we have always enjoyed finding new things to create. {However I must say she had to teach me as I don't learn things as easily as her :D She had this passed down from Daddy who can do anything he sets his mind to whereas if I get tired of it I quit. Bad habit I know ;D} We will be looking into theses neat tutorials! Thanks!

  7. Hey Grace dearie! Here's my link:


    thanks for doing this for everyone!

  8. This is such a lovely post! I enjoyed reading it. :) Those first three tutorials would make a lovely autumn or Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece.
    I posted about knitting here: http://borrowingphotographs.blogspot.com/2011/10/oh-knitting.html