Oct 31, 2011

fare thee well october.

goodbye dear october! 
goodbye golden hilltops. 
warm afternoons. 
clear crimson mornings. 
victorian reenactment.
good bye light sweaters.
lacy, gossamer scarves.
goodbye days spent at the seaside.
afternoons spent on mama's old quilt.
goodbye watercoloring with Julia.      
hullo november! 
hullo, grey buttoned coats. 
hullo, crimson cable cowls.
hullo, warm pumpkin pie. 
hullo, owl notebooks filled with  my writings.
hullo, letters in my mailbox.
hullo, brown paper packages tied up with strings.
hullo, corn bread with butter and honey. 
hullo, pumpkin spice latte. 
hullo, knitting needles by the fireside.  
hullo, apple cider.
hullo, inspiration around every corner.

what's your favorite part of november? 

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  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite part of November!!!

  2. i love it when all my family gets together for Thanksgiving... It's always filled with delicious pies, bread, family favorites et cetera. Then after our Thanksgiving meal we sit together and bring up old stories and laugh and share memories. It's always a precious time.

  3. My fave part of November is probably Thanksgiving. And the leaves tun into such lovely colours. Also, we are going to a missionary convention. FUN!


  4. My favorite parts of November are the settling down of my schedule, my birthday, Thanksgiving family gatherings, long, dark evenings spent with family and friends and, as always, lots of knitting projects in preparation for Christmas. :)