Oct 24, 2011

a stroll in the woods.

i was in my garden one day, enjoying the last traces of summer cloaked in the beauty of autumn's radiance by going on a long stroll. 
the wind twirled my locks, and i closed my eyes, embracing it... 

opening my eyes i beheld a worn path wrapped in tall grass that had long since dried out. the sweet, subtle scent of the tall grass filled my nostrils, and the wind lead me to follow the mysterious path I had never seen before. 

forward it lead me, tugging at my scarf and hair until I picked up my leisurely pace and raced through the meadow. onward, onward I ran - er - flew through the rustling grass, my heart beating as wildly as the wind. until i stumbled onto a soft bed of leaves, giggling and sighing and drinking in the moment of complete bliss. 
when I opened my eyes again, a path wound through an old forest I had only heard grew along by garden's edge, but never thought to explore. gently, the wind whispered into my ear, and I cautiously followed the call. 

the crisp *crunch* of leaves under my boots echoed in the silence. the solemn cry of a majestic raven responded to the rustle trees above. i cast a glance behind me to see how far I had lingered into the forests mouth, only to find a small glint of sunlight from the world outside. but the wind encouraged me onward, onward i followed. 

the silence remained. not even the wind stirred. yet anxiously i waited. as though i knew something wonderful was about to happen. and slowly the curtain of deep, eerie darkness begin to lift as brilliant beams of fire burst through the forest canopy...

leaving behind a gorgeous array of ginger, scarlet, and gold replacing every bit of darkness. 

again and again I twirled, drinking in all the wondrous color that surrounded me. the wind showered leaves of gold upon me. 

and I whispered a small prayer of thanks into the wind to the heavens above, 
that I could be witness of so much majesty.   

   {{all images via pinterest}}


  1. Wow! You have captured what I feel during the season of autumn perfectly! You have described what goes trough my mind- what I am constantly thinking- as I am in the midst of enjoying my daily afternoon walks after school! Only in my case, I have to imagine I'm walking in the woods since all that can be seen for miles where I live is only rows upon rows of houses. Oh, how I wish I could leave the city to experience a country autumn! Sometimes I feel so confined! How I thank the Lord that He gave me such a vivid imagination!!!

  2. Simply beautiful, your writing is lovely! I read it twice. :)

  3. Your writing is beautiful, Grace! You have captured the wonder of autumn in just a few words. I love it!

  4. I put a link to this post in my post here: http://borrowingphotographs.blogspot.com/2011/10/sorry.html