Oct 8, 2011

Autumn Delights :: Countryside Beauty

One autumn day I spent an hour
Just sitting in the morning sun.
I drank in all the beauty there,
Declaring summer's work done.

I watched the soft white clouds appear
Like powder puffs in azure sky;
I saw them float with grace supreme
As if to say a sweet good-bye.

While I was sitting in the sun,
I saw the wild geese overhead;
As they flew southwards with the clouds,
I saw a maple leaf turn red.

I watched the walnut leaves come down,
Some swiftly flying round and round, 
And when I turned my head away,
I heard a walnut hit the ground.

High in an apple tree nearby
Red apples proudly gave display,
Awaiting tender hands to come
And lay them carefully away.

The gourds that on the trellis clung
Showed brightly there and pleased the eye;
A pumpkin, like a pot of gold,
Lay in a garden spot nearby.

If I had had another hour to sit
There in the autumn sun,
I know my heart could not have held
The joy I found as, one by one,

The acts of splendor passed along
In gay parade of autumn grace,
The grandeur of the season's spell
Which makes the world a sweeter place.
One Precious Hour 
by Eleanor Drake

Crunchy Leaves ...

Crisp Air ...

Twilight Evenings ...

Pumpkins ...

These are what make up my autumn countryside. To what can it be compared with? This, dear readers, is why autumn remains my favorite season. What a symphony of colors, and a radiant mixture of beauty. It holds a beauty that never fade's within my heart -- a beauty which I keep all the year round...

When I was a little girl, my Daddy used to say to me, "God is taking out his paintbrush again." *smile* It certainly seems as if he is busy painting our world. The leaves on the trees come alive with color, the roadsides are graced with exquisite scenery. Taking a breath of air leaves you with a whole new sense of refreshment, and fills your being with a feeling of joy. You hear a crunch under foot, and find hundreds of crunchy leaves cover the pavement. Dusk falls earlier, and the stars twinkle above you home long into the evening. Pumpkins can be seen everywhere -- their plump orange figures greet you at every doorstep.

*happy sigh* This is why I love autumn, readers.

Take a walk with me :: Please create a post on why exactly you love autumn so much. Share with us pictures that illustrate what you are describing, and prove the beauty which you want to portray. You will have an opportunity to share with us why you love autumn so very much until October 23rd {after which this linky will be closed}-- I can't wait to come and visit!


  1. beautiful photos!!! Loved the poem as well. :)

  2. Absolutely splendid post Johanna!

  3. Not joining, but I wanted to say, "Lovely post!!"

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  5. Those pictures are just amazing!