Nov 1, 2011

november's simple life.

november, dear thing, can it truly be you?
why just a minute --or was it a month? -- ago october was visiting me too!
november, dear thing, I love you very much,
your vibrant color pallet, the smell of cloves, and and the sound of the fallen leave's crunch!
november, dear thing, thanksgiving is in the air,
with warm pumpkins pies oh-so-fair!
november, dear thing, how bare the trees look now, whence you come to a close,
then decembe settles in which I perhaps, love the most!

november, darling thing, come and stay,
by the fireside while the giggling leaves play,
november, must you go so soon? why, stay for tea,
but november {dear thing} whispered to me,
"winter must come to be."
{written by grace 2011}

>> n o v e m b e r. dear thing. autumn's letter to bid the world farewell. one beautiful month of autumn since passed. the new word "november" lays atop the calendar.  the joyous autumn celebrations of october settle down in preparation of a more cozy holiday -- nay -- tradition for that is what it has been for generations. 
>> t h a n k s g i v i n g.a time dedicated to gathering together with family from near and far over a filling meal, reminiscing past memories and traditions as well as creating new ones.

>> w i n d. the wind swirls about the world outside my window. leaves tumble from the sky down like rain and flit about down the worn street below the rustling pines. the faint clink of chimes in the distance floats in the air mixed with the birds' sweet warble. 

>> h o m e w o r k. homework, now a common sight, stand on my desk. once crisp books now stand with ware as a new quarter ends and another begins. day after day, notebooks are filled with lines of scribbles. spanish. biology. algebra. literature. grammar. history. the titles glare at me and I reluctantly accept them. but oh, how I shan't miss them during christmastime holiday! :) 

>>c r a f t s. my trinkets that rest upon my wardrobe and desk are soon to be cleared away in preparation for the rush of christmastime sewing, knitting, and wrapping of gifts. {if you couldn't tell already, i <3 christmas. like a lot. :)}

>> n o v e m b e r. autumn's last "farewell," and winter's first "hullo." won't you come and stay?

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  1. The little girl in boots is soo adorable!!

  2. you write so beautifully! i loved all the pictures + words

  3. I love November as well! I received the giveaway item I won in the mail today. It smells amazing! Thank you for hosting the whole October event- I loved it. You can check out my similar event here:

  4. Beautiful post. Love the picture of the books. Your poem at the top was so sweet!

  5. Lovely post Grace! Super sweet!

    I love November and December, so much holiday cheer and preparation!

    In Christ,

  6. You are a very talented writer Grace!

  7. Love your ramblings... :) Very intriguing!