Oct 19, 2011


over the hill I climbed the rocky path. the sweet, evening breeze kissed my face. i embraced it. 

a blissful sight greeted me. down in the valley below, my little dwelling lay. autumn's shadow cast upon each tree, as a blanket of golden and crimson colour carpeted the forest floor...

my heart trilled at the sight, and I couldn't help but skip down the hill. mine eyes drinking in the color which surrounds me... 

and there, between the pines that encompass it, my little dwelling stands. white painted chipped with age. the screen door squeaks its welcome.

everything in place: my boots, muddied from my outing stand lazily by the door. my scarf hangs on the peg on the wall. my coat hangs to dry by the fireside. the lacy, gossamer curtains flit in the breeze. 

a cup of tea begs to be brewed. and as I nestle by the cheerful fire dancing in the hearth,
I happily sigh from my lips...  

'tis good to be home again in my garden. I have so much to tell you and have missed you all very much, dear readers! with Miss Johanna busy with her two other blogs, I am officially tending my garden once again.

 only one more day for the fashion event and a few more days until we close all giveaways and draw the winners on my birthday!!!

*sigh* 'tis good to be home. very good indeed.     
{{all photographs via Pinterest}}


  1. ...and good to have you back dear. Love you- and am so glad to see your garden in bloom again.

  2. I have enjoyed this lovely autumn event, but I am happy to have you back. :)