Oct 30, 2011


o c t o b e r 2 5 t h 
i stirred awake as the clock in the room next door chimed, "it's 7:30. good morning house!" and for the first time in a long while, i didn't mind rising at such an "early" time. my cat greeted me with an impatient meow. even though 'twas early. even though the sun didn't greet me with her golden rays over the distant hills. to-day was going to be a wonderful day. a very special day. because...
 i turned fifteen.   
yes, like miss carlotta, i like birthdays---a lot. the fact of wrapping presents in lace and twine, writing cards with special messages, and making the whole day very special, appeals very much to me. and it truly makes one realize how loved they are by so many lovely people.   

every year my dear family and friends make my birthday so special, but this year has surpassed them all. in fact, as i type the festivities are still going on. :) 

the morning was filled with all sorts of sweetness. an e-card from a dear friend, a letter & package sealed with a "G" from another on the table, and a note from my darling Father. but the "icing on the cake" so to speak, was the post written by my two dearest friends in the whole world Miss Johanna and Miss Bethany. 
and so from the bottom of my heart I give my thanks...

dear mama and papa :: you are the best. period. you always make everything so special. everything so memorable. these fifteen years spent with you have been absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful for all the love and affection you have shown through sweet hugs, self-sacrificing actions, and sometimes even through things unspoken. 
in other words :: you just make life wonderful. :) *hugs* 

dear miss johanna and miss bethany :: wow! that's all I can really say. I often stop and ask myself, "how can I deserve such amazing friends???" not a day passes when I do not thank the Lord for you and and our wonderful friendships that I am blessed to experience. you two are so incredibly sweet, and I cannot truly describe what you both mean to me.

dearest Johanna :: you have blessed me once again. I cherish your friendship so very, very much. from the first time I meet you, I only had dreamed - prayed - to call a girl like you just, "friends," even, "acquaintances," but how grateful I am that I can call you my dearest, "sister." you have encouraged me in some very hard times and strengthened my walk with Christ. and that is one of the most precious, priceless gifts that you could give. love you so much, deary!  

dear facebook friends :: you all are too sweet! all your sweet notes on my wall made my day SO special! thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do so. ;) 

dear Gabby {a.k.a my twin sister} :: from the first time I viewed your blog, I knew I had found a kindred sister in you. ;) finding the package in my mailbox was a special, special treat and I thank you so much for the sweet letter, parcel, and words of wisdom ;) that I will treasure forever. love you so very much!

dear church family :: we have been through a few hard times in the past, but through it the Lord has brought us through it strengthened in wisdom and in love. you have always been there to support me, and you are the family that I had always dreamed of. :) thank you so much for also making my birthday so special with your sweet smiles and warm birthday greetings. 

dear neighbors :: one seriously couldn't ask for better ones. thank you dear Valerie for always greeting us with a sweet smile and a bright spirit. it's always fun to visit you. ;) thank you dearest Alysia for the sweet handkerchiefs  

dear violin teacher :: thank you so much for taking the time out of your morning and calling me just to simply say " happy birthday."

dear Miriam :: thank you so much for sweetly calling me on my birthday. I really enjoy our little tradition. ;) you always make my day by hearing your sweet voice, and I loved chatting with you. thank you also for the sweet cinnamon-smelling package that sweetly greeted me when I returned home. someday we shall see each other---that's a promise! 

dear Joanna :: 14 1/2 years now. wow! thank you so much for our girl's day out. definitely we should do it again. :)  

dear Aunt Sue :: you are THE BEST!!! :) thank you for always making my birthday so, so special. 'twould not be the same without you. wishing you could be with me now. next year to be certain. :) 

dear disneyland workers :: thank you for making me feel "famous." :) the {free} happy birthday button will be a treasured, little trinket to remind me of the new memories made there for my fifteenth birthday. especially want to thank the worker of the "Jungle Cruise" who called me "Princess Grace." ;)  

dear starbucks :: thank you for sending me the birthday coupon for a free drink of my choice. I really enjoyed the yummy, venti, vanilla chai frappichino with extra whip cream to-day. :)  

dearest camille :: thank you so much for the sweet package that also greeted me when I returned home. :) the "little somethings" you included inside were a sweet treat, but the scriptures you wrote down for me are priceless jewels that I will forever treasure. thank you for your dear friendship, no, in fact thank you for being the sweet sister I had always prayed for. <3 you!    

and to my dearest readers :: thank you. that's all I can truly say. without you my little garden wouldn't be the same. your sweet, cheerful, encouraging comments are little drops of sunshine that brighten my garden making it flourish. I cannot begin to form words to say how grateful and thankful I am for your support, for your kindness, for your warm, tender love. reading each and every comment to wish me happy birthday brought warmth and joy to my heart. you are amazing. each and everyone of you. 

with fondest regards,
the keeper of the garden.    
// to be continued //


    ~Hannah L

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so sweet! Happy Birthday, Grace!! =D
    <3 xxx

  3. Happy late Birthday, Grace!

  4. I am so glad you had a good birthday!!! ;)
    Fifteen! You are fifteen...wow, when I met you you were 13! Times goes by way too quickly.
    May the Lord richly bless you.
    Much love.

  5. Your little note about me made my day! ;)

  6. Dearest Grace,

    I am so glad you had such an especially wonderful birthday!
    ...Thank you for the sweet note you wrote about me! I must say, that has made my day as well!!!


  7. Oh, I am so glad that you have enjoyed your birthday surprise! :D Have a blessed day!
    P.S. I've not gotten my earrings which I won nor have I heard from the shop owner yet, do you know why? Thanks!

  8. Dearest Grace,

    First, I would like to wish you a happy belated birthday! I am so happy to hear that you had a blessed day, filled with love from family and friends. May God bless your 15th year with the most richest and sweetest blessings of all! :)

    With Much Love,

  9. @ Bethany :: the shop owner told me she sent her earrings, but she lives in Argentina, so it might take a little while. :) let me know if you do not receive them soon.

    @ Jenna :: thank you so much! I am so sorry I haven't sent your birthday present yet. I'm working on it. :P I pray that you had a lovely 16th birthday!!!

    love always,
    Grace {{author}}

  10. Oh happiest birthday wishes to you miss grace, I hope you have the most wonderful time being 15,
    Rachel Hope.