Oct 20, 2011

as i am still fourteen.

i am fourteen, going on fifteen...

times change. seasons come to an end and fade away and new brighter, better ones bloom in their place. a brighter more radiant sun dawns over that horizon as another chapter of my life closes.  

i am fourteen going on fifteen...how strange these words echo in my ear. life goes by so quickly. thinking that in fifteen more years I will be thirty? hard to believe. yet, as fast as life flits by, I do not want to rush it, but savor it. just think of it... 
so many smiles to be smiled. so many tears to be shed. so many notes to be played. so many books to be read. so many songs to be sung. so much laughs to be heard. so many letters to be written. so many sweet moments to capture. so many things to be learned. so much experience to gain. so many memories to be made. 

i. don't. want. to. waste. those. moments. 

we all go about life rushing it, waiting and wishing for to-morrow because to-day wasn't good enough. but what about to-day? what about the moments we can turn around right now, and capture and cherish and embrace and enjoy! 

i am fourteen going on fifteen...

f o u r t e e n has been a lovely age and if I can capture, embrace, and rejoice in the life that God has given me even more. 
f i f t e e n will be just as wonderful. 
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  1. Lovely post Miss Grace! How true!

  2. Wonderful words of wisdom, my friend! I was just sitting here remember when I was turning 15. wow, how old it seemed to me then! And now, at 18, I wish I could turn back the clock and relive those moments. Oh, I wish I had had the wisdom you have to just enjoy those moments! I think I missed a lot back then by just anxiously reaching and hoping that time would pass quickly so I could be 'older'. Yeah. Although there are many privileges that come with age, a lot of responsibility comes with it as well!
    Keep on savoring your moments, dear. :)

    Much love,
    The Lilac Girl ;)

  3. This was a simply lovely post, Grace! I had never thought that in another 15 years I will be 30. Thank you for that new perspective!

  4. amen, Grace! what a lovely post.

  5. Very pretty!