Oct 25, 2011

happy birthday sweet girl.

today is dear Grace's birthday, sweet readers! what a joyous day it is to be sure. over the past month, I {{Johanna from An Old-Fashioned Girl}} and sweet Bethany have collaborated together with sumptuous plans as to what we could possibly do to add just a hint of surprise to Grace's special day. soon we came to the conclusion that a loving post would be the best way to show are warm affections towards this dear girl. however, therein lay one small impediment. we hadn't the slightest idea how we would go about becoming a co-authoress on Graces blog, without her suspecting that is. yet, the Lord had plans. days after I had offered up a prayer, my former blog was completely ruined! everything gone! destroyed. 

and of course, Grace, not knowing what a dangerous thing she was indeed doing, let me become a co-authoress of her blog for a short time. *hee-hee* our Lord works in mysterious ways, does He not? today, He has worked in a way of which I had never imagined He would. yet. here. I. am. 

... for grace ...
| a few words from two dear friends |

My dearest friend, 

I still remember the day when I visited this garden for the first time. you were the 'new girl' in the world of blogging, and had only a few posts to your name. yet I saw in you a kindred spirit from the very first buds which bloomed herein. I was at once charmed by the lovely atmospheric style in which your portrayed your thoughts. for within each of your letters shared here, you shared with me a bit of who you are. a girl who I knew could someday be my very good friend. one blessed day, the Lord put his hand upon my life, and orchestrated a way for us to become better acquainted. we became good friends. we became as sisters. and through the love of Jesus, our friendship blossomed as though it was a bud residing here within the walls of your garden.

today, I feel as if I could say I have known you forever and ever. how can it be that I have only to say I have known you for a few short years? however, through the short years I have known your sweet presence; you have become one of my dearest friends. you are a simply amazing young woman, dear girl. although many miles may forever separate us, you are never far from my thoughts. hoping that you know this; I thank the Lord continually for bringing you into my life. you have truly been an example of His loving kindness. you are truly an example of how great God is. 

thank you for being who you are. thank you for being my sweet Lavender Friend. praying that, as the years draw on, our friendship may never grow dim. you are so precious to me. may the Lord draw you closer to Himself in many ways, sweet girl. may He continue to work within you, and shine His face upon your life, filling you with His radiance and joy. may you continue to steep in his grace.

Love Always
Your Old-Fashioned Girl
{{a note from Bethany}}

Dear Grace,

Happy 15th birthday dear, sweet friend! Ever since I first laid eyes on your blog, which was when I entered your homemade card giveaway some Christmas' back, I instantly knew that we had become friends! I have always been impressed by your lovely writing style and how warm you make your readers feel through your lovely posts. Your friendship has been a true blessing from the Lord and I thank Him alone for sending you to me! :D I want to publicly share what a wonderful friend and encouragement you have been to me and thank you for all your warm letters, friendly e-mails and all the times you have blessed me with such a sweet friendship. Though I've yet to speak with you in person or see your sweet face I know that we will always be friends close at heart! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you dear sister, as you journey towards His path and may be give you many joys and blessings on your birthday this year! May you grow closer to Him this year than the last and truly become a woman of the Lord. May you be a blessing to all you meet and come in touch with, which you have always done. God bless you and have a very happy birthday! :D


Please stop by, and take time to wish Grace a happy birthday, sweet readers!

| Johanna |
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  1. Dear Sweet Grace,
    I send you all my best wishes for your birthday! May the Lord bless you richly! Love you!
    Love, Camille

  2. Happy Birthday Grace!!
    I hope that your day is filled with sweet blessings and happy memories~


  3. Happiest birthdays to you miss Grace, I hope you have a blessed birthday.
    Rachel Hope

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! Hope it is amazing!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Many Blessings!!!!!!

    Love in Him,

  6. Happy birthday, dearest Grace!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Love you so much dear friend!!!
    May the Lord richly bless you for who you are and all you have done!!!!
    Love always,

  8. CreativityStartsHere said...

    Happy 15th Birthday, Grace! :) Your blog is such a blessing to me! <3

    "Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established." (Proverbs 16:3)

    Johanna "Jo"

  9. Happy birthday, Grace! Have a good one, ok?


  10. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! <3

  11. Dear Grace-

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day, and a lovely year as well.


  12. Happy Birthday Sweet Grace! Your posts really speak to my heart in a very particular way,be blessed!

    Kind regards from France,


  13. Happy Birthday Grace!
    I hope you have a wonderful day, full of surprises!

  14. Happy, happy, happy birthday dearest! I truly hope your 15th is a blessed and happy one. You have been an inspiration, I believe, to many, many young ladies. Keep it up, and God bless you!
    Love you,

  15. Happy birthday by sweet friend!

  16. Happy birthday, dear Grace! How special to have girls like Johanna and Bethany to brighten your day with an unexpected birthday post!
    Blessings to you :)


  17. Happy birth day dear Grace! May God bless you on your special day!Thank you for blessing me by sharing God's love through your sweet blog. Love from your Sister in Christ,

  18. A very Happy Birthday, Grace! I hope your special day was full to the brim with fun and blessings.

  19. Happy happy birthday Grace!! (:
    May you have a day filled with love, happiness and blessings coming from every direction!! (:

  20. Happy Birthday, Grace!! Your blog is so wonderful!!

  21. A bit late, but once again, a very Happy Birthday to you, dearie! ♥Bekah

  22. And I just put your blog button on my fashion blog for a while... I rotate buttons a ton... so your's went up this time for a week or two. :)