Oct 24, 2011

winner's announced. you could be the one!!!

congratulations to our winners of our "walk through the orchard," garden event!!! thank you to all who entered our giveaways. we pray that you had a lovely time enjoying fellowship as well as the wonderful world of autumn that our Creator sends to us every year.

I love giveaways. in fact, they are even more special to me as Johanna and I "met" each other by her sending me a handmade giveaway prize what seemed to be so many summers ago. :)

well, Johanna and I were suppose to announce the winners of the giveaways on the morrow, but as it is my birthday and the only time we could draw them was to-day, this is the time we decided upon announcing them. before I announce the winners, however, I am going to present the rules {{please read carefully}} ::

{one} winners have a week to claim their prize within the time of announcement else a new winner will be drawn. 

{two} winners must contact me with their
e-mailing address, 
blog url {in case e-mailing does not work},
 and home address
 in their message here and not on this post. 
please leave us a comment telling us you have sent this message.

{three} if sponsors do not contact you within the next few weeks, please let us know. 
unfortunately, not every sponsor keeps to their commitment, thus if a sponsor continues to not to reply to messages nor sends the winner her prize, we hold no responsibility, but will try to get in touch with the them every way possible. yet, we need your help to send your messages promptly.

{four} giveaway winners listed below will not be permitted to enter the next two giveaways posted here.

:: winners of the "tea time" giveaway:: 

winner of the lovely fall, cupcake poster is...
comment #4 
Miss Eden Mckoy!!!

winner of the pumpkin, tea cup necklace is...
comment #21 
Miss Romi!!! 

and finally, winner of the lovely fall tea cozy is...
comment #28 
Miss Emily Ruth!!!!

:: winners of the "seal of friendship" giveaway :: 
winner of this lovely harvest card is...
comment #26 
Miss Kendra Lynne!!!

winner of these darling sticker seals is...
comment #71 
Miss Samantha!!!

winner of this lovely, purple Celtic braided crocheted headband is...
comment #130 
Miss Hannah!!!

and finally, winner of ONE of these lovely hairclips is...
comment #72
Miss Shannon!!! 

:: winners of the "harvesting sunshine" giveaway ::

winner of the beautiful bird print is...
comment #52 
Miss PolkaDot!!!

winner of this lovely, butterfly ring is...
comment #16 
Miss Bekah!!!

winner of these lovely gold earrings is...
comment #85 
Miss Bethany!!!

:: winners of the "sugar n' spice" giveaway :: 
winner of the darling, pumpkin pie candle is...
comment #31 
Miss Cassie!!!

winner of this lovely pumpkin pie slice necklace is...
comment #93
Miss Grace!!!
{not me, though. :)}}

:: winners of the "aroma of autumn" giveaway :: 
winner of these scrumptious-looking, oh-so-yummy, sugar scrub cubes is...
comment #87 
Miss Nina!!!

winner of a single slice of this delicious pumpkin spice soap is...
comment #132 
Miss Julia!!!

and because every girl in this giveaway had already won something, we randomly chose another winner for this bottle of perfume {winner's choice}...

comment #11
Miss Grace!!!
{again, not me!!! :D}

and finally...
:: winners of "pulling out the knitting needles" giveaway :: 
winner of this PDF earwarmer pattern is...
comment #79 
Amy Caroline!!!

winner of FIVE PDF patterns {winner's choice} from Bonita Patterns is...
comment #45 
Belle + Bee!!!

AND FINALLY, winner of the lovely craft bag + smiley face stitch markers {{winner's choice of removable or snag-free}} is...
comment #92
Miss Lily!!!

congratulations, ladies!!!!!!!!!!

we pray you are blessed by your prizes. 
and special SPECIAL thanks to our wonderful sponsors who make these fun giveaways possible. 


  1. Hey Grace! Your link of how to contact you is not valid. It won't let us click it. And also were you talking about me? or another PolkaDot?


  2. Yippeee! I won! :)

    I read the rules carefully but I could not find a link where I should contact you . Was the "here" supposed to have a link in it?

    Thank you!


  3. Sorry, girls! Here's the link :: http://gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com/p/contacting-me.html

    @ PolkaDot. Yes, it's you!!!! :)

    Congrats again, ladies!
    Grace {{author}}

  4. I just sent you my message. =)
    Thank you!

  5. What about for the fall fashion winner? Thanks :)

  6. Congratulations everyone!!! It was a pleasure to look through the wonderful giveaway - you did a wonderful job, Johanna and Grace!!!

  7. I contacted you! Thank you again!
    Sorry for not including my address, didn't want to get spamed just in case though!

  8. I sent you a message!! Thank you!!!

  9. I sent the message!! Thanks so much, girls, for hosting!!!

  10. Congrats to all of the winners! :)