Oct 18, 2011

missing you to-day...

miles separate us. 
a crystal sea I cannot travel across.
tears linger down my cheek. 

missing you.wondering what you're dreaming of right now. wishing you were somehow near so I could comfort you. wondering if you're thinking of me too... 
thinking of how I could have been there...giggling under the cherry tree on mother's worn quilt as the wind tugged at our tangle of blond and brown locks whispering secrets only our hearts could understand...

thinking of how our bare feet would have been tucked under our skirts just so...

as our hands gingerly balanced porcelain cups filled with tea...

thinking of the tree rustling in the wind above, showering us with golden leaves...

drinking in the moment.
sighing in the moment.
loving in the moment.
wishing for it never to end...

and then...the reverie that took away my breath vanished. leaving behind. but only a golden memory that never happened. that I can only tuck into my heart wishing that it would someday.

think of me darling, think of me often when we wish each other farewell. think of me. think of me often please promise me you'll try. and as you think of me, know that I'm thinking of you across that crystal sea. 

and wishing there, under the autumn trees that this is were you'll be.  
{{*photographs via pinterest}}


  1. That's so sweet Grace. Maybe separated in this life, but together for all eternity in the next. Cling to that thought dear!
    Love you!

  2. Such a sweet post, dear friend! :)

  3. Ah, my sweetest of friends! my lavender friend. *tear* How I wish I was beside you this very moment, clasping hands in the beautiful bond of friendship! I love you dearly, and I think of you constantly! *hug*

    We will see each other soon. That is a fervent promise.

    ~ Your Old Fashioned Girl

  4. Grace, this post is so sweet! Friendship is a beautiful thing. The photos went with the post perfectly! I enjoyed reading this post. :)