Jul 30, 2010

My Sewing Drawer...

Confessions of a Teenage Fabricholic!:) All right, I am not THAT bad, but really, girls, we do have a soft spot for cute fabric, right? That's why, I shope at Birch, a sweet fabric shop full of modern and chic fabrics! (Although expensive;) I do save at least $20 of my cleaning money to buy things, and you know what I buy? Fabric! (and cardmaking stuff of course:) Usually, I do not buy modern prints, but Birch's fabric is just too irrisistable. This is my sewing drawer! *Gasp* Yes, I actually did orginized it!!! And when I did, I had just a little more space to buy some more fabric! (But you know, you always have just a little more space for those cute fabrics, right?:) Here's what I bought from Birch:

I love these greens, and the the grey serves a good accent colour!
Olive green...

I think I might make a headband out of this fabric (directly above) for the band, and the green and grey for the flower.

I have also had my eye one this one ever since we stepped into the shop:

Wouldn't it be a lovely skirt? *Sigh* Too bad I do not know how to sew and too bad I did not purchase a $9.50 yard.

This fabric, I absolutely love. And just as I was about to make my purchases I looked at it and absolutely fell for it! It is so whimsically (with the sparkles), and vintagey! I have to make something very special out of it. It was $15.00 a yard, so I just had to purchase half a yard!:)
My first visit (not my very first) to Birch's new store, I bought these:
Sew summery, right?:)
And this:
I made flowers out of these. You can find the tutorial here:http://mariemadelinestudio.typepad.com/mariemadeline_studio/2009/09/festive-posies.html (basic flower, I do 6 petals)
and here: Simple Delights (This is the one with the covered buttons)
Those flowers are really popular around here!:)
Love from your sewing friend,


  1. What lovely fabrics, dear friend! I just love buying new fabric. I just recently bought 8 yards of different fabrics! I look forward to sewing with them! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  2. I love those fabrics, Grace! So pretty!

  3. oh, so pretty! hope you are having a very blessed day!

  4. Cute!! I'd love to learn to sew :)


  5. Georgiana,
    Those are beautiful fabrics! You're right, I think us girls definitely have a weakness for beautiful fabrics.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  6. Hi Grace,
    It's K from Shelfari. I am now following your blog. If you would like to check out mine it is sillygirl26.blogspot.com!
    God Bless you always,

  7. could u please pray for me. I am not feelin' very well and i'm tired. Backaches and some stomach aches! i had them on my b-day. It wasn't very fun!!! Thanks!!!

  8. Dearest Rachel,
    Of course I will pray for you! I am so sorry that you did not feel very well during your birthday! I was thinking of you yesterday! When I turned your age, I had the stomach flu! It was horrible, so I kind of know how you feel:)
    Keeping you in my prayers, dear friend!
    Love always,
    P.S. Hopefully, you shall be receiving my letter soon. I sent it to-day.

  9. My blog party has started, don't miss it!

  10. Hi Grace,
    It's K again. Definitely, yes I would like to become friends on shelfari. Your welcome for becoming a follower. Have a blessed Sunday,

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