Jul 8, 2010


I was looking at how many posts I have, and my 100th post is 5 away!!! Wow! Can you believe it! I only started this blog in February and now look! I want to thank my 69 followers for your faithfulness and encouraging comments! This blog just would not be the same without you all!

Story contest: I am NOT going to start my story contest quite yet. (There are a few things I would like to set up first, like a new email address and inbox so it doesn't get mixed up with your entries:) In fact, I am not going to post my 100th post until I get 100 followers!!! I know I think I am crazy too, but let's experiment; that's 31 followers I need to gain! It would be very helpful, if you could, once again, spread the news about having a story contest and my needing 31 followers! I would very much appreciate that. I am working at the moment on buttons, so you can spread the word easier when my story contest comes!
Prize: Well, if I do obtain 31 followers within a short amount, I just might have to have a prize for the winners, though I am afraid they would be quite small. Sorry, I just do not have the money to spend for shipping.
Here is the cover of the short-story I am working on:

The twist of my story contest is, you have to write a story of a person posing in a piece of art. See the girl in the art clip? I named her Emma, and she looks quite shy, so in my story she is timid:). It might be easier, for you to post your story on your blog with the picture you based your story on:). Fun right?!

Well, hope you are enjoying the summertime sunshine!

Love always,


  1. Wondering if you got my email?

  2. Hey grace, it's rachel. Just wondering if i might be able to write to you. If there is some way we can work it out with out sharing it with everybody, let me know. I also understand you might not want to because we don't quite know eachother all that well, but i would love to get to know you better. Untill then,

  3. Hello Grace! How short of a story would it need to be? I just finished writing one that I think would go well with a painting,but it is about 35 pages(The pages are small)....what do you think?
    Have a lovely day!
    ~ Miriam ~

  4. Dear Rachel,
    Yes, writing would be so much fun!!! Could you leave your email address here and I will email you, k? (I will not publish your email:)
    Then we can work something out! If you do not get my email, you can just leave your home address (I will not publish it) and I will write to you!
    Hope you are having a wonderful afternoon!
    Your sister in Christ,

  5. Dear Grace,
    Thanks for your note! I hope this day is quite the amazing one for you! I absolutely love the short story based on an artwork idea! How imaginitive! I'll have to start searching paintings! Love you, dear little sis!
    P.S.: I still haven't heard about my job, but should probably know either way soon! I'm working on still praising Him, whether I get the position or not! Thanks for all your prayers!

  6. Dearest Grace,
    Did you receive my post on my address? If not, I will write another one.
    Faithfully Yours through Christ our Savior,

  7. Ooh, this sounds like tons of fun.. I think I will enter.. just gotta find a pic. can you send the link to where you found your picture?? I am never good with searching on the internet and if I can just get the actual link to certain place, it makes it SO much easier for me! lol! and les stressful...

    I finally got your letter!! Hurray!! the Lavendar pillow is so lovely.. thank you!!

    Will be writing soon!
    Love, Sarah

  8. Dear Rachel,
    I did get your address, and I will be sending a letter soon!
    Glad you want to join. I know that this link sometimes messes up so this might be easier:
    On my sidebar under where it says,"Visit these websites that I like," (Under my writing blog button), click Eras of Elegance. Then on the tabs at the top of the screen, click Art. You should have a wonderful selection there! Hope this helps.
    Well, how many words do you suppose it is? Thirty-nine pages seem like a long story, but I am very eager to read it. I am thinking of just letting you girls post the picture you had your story based on and post your story on your blog, leaving your name here. May make it easier.
    Hope you are all having a lovely evening!
    Yours truly,

  9. I would enter of course, Grace! Can't wait for it to begin!