Jul 27, 2010

Catching up on a Few Things...

Dear Readers,
Just wanted to give you a few updates! I have not had a real post in awhile!
As you know I am having a story contest with some great prizes!
Ismikendra is hosting a blog party soon too!
For some odd reason, during the hot spell we had a few days ago (it has been mildly temperate, more like COLD!, weather here right now; very unusual for the middle of July!:) The baby lizards have been coming to drink from the cat's water bowl (just hopefully she will not catch them!)
So small!!!
Our house finches have been quite comfortable here as well!


My niece payed a visit to us a few weekends ago; she is such a darling thing and I love taking care of her during her visit. Here is a movie of her:


~Craft Projects and More~

Right now, I am in the middle of making cards to be sent off to my penpals!

List of projects that I WANT to make (This will be a good reminder for me since my lists seem to become lost all the time; I need a cork board:) :

Lace hankerchief, but have to purchase some linen

Crochet some more things

Knit headband and learn how to cast off

Restock my nearly depleted card pile

Sew some more sachets

Learn how to quilt, and make blankets

Sew some more fuzzy pillows for friends and big one for myself:)

Johanna from "An Old Fashion Girl" has created a group on Shelfari which I am helping out with!

So much to do, only one more month of summer!

Hope all are having a peaceful evening!

Love always from your busy sister,


  1. I love those pictures of the rose... very pretty!! And your niece is a real cutie pie. Fun post, Grace! :)

    -- Much Love,
    Lindsay <3

  2. The rose photos are lovely, Grace! And I like your craft project list. I enjoy doing crafty stuff myself. :)


  3. Sounds like you are having a great summer! I didn’t get time to comment yesterday, but I am very excited about your short story competition!


  4. Georgiana,
    I love the pictures! I have a Shelfari shelf,too. Could I join in the Shelfari thing?
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  5. Hi Grace! Thanks for your note! I am SO glad to be back here visiting my fav little sis' Garden, too! I love all your photos (as usual=) - yep, so talented! And the film is so sweet! Love it! Hope your day is splendid!
    P.S.: 7 exclamation marks (make that 9=)! Sheesh! =) Love ya! (make that 10)

  6. I'm having a giveaway and I need twenty followers. Will you follow?
    I'm follow your blog, the design is so lovely and the posts, so encouraging!


  7. What a lovely post! :) Oh your niece is SO cute!!!! :D
    Have a charming day,dear friend!

  8. You are such a wonderful photographer, dear friend! I love the photograph of the sweet baby finches!
    Your neice is so sweet. I bet you had a lot of fun spending time with her! :)
    I look forward to seeing pictures of some of your future projects.

    Your Sister In Christ,

    P.S. I am SO sorry about not sending your letter out yet. I have been so busy lately! I feel so bad!

  9. Pretty roses! And your niece is really cute! She didn't want to wear the scratchy dress, did she? :-D

  10. Hey Grace! Those pictures are so pretty!

    Your niece is just precious! How old is she ?

    Did you receive my letter? I hope you did!!!

  11. Dear Rachel,
    Yes, I did receive your lovely letter on Tuesday! Thank you so much!!! I have already written my reply back, but am making you something special for your birthday:).
    She is three years old, and very dear to my heart. She did not want to wear that dress, and I do not blame her! I wore that dress to Disneyland one year, and had to take it off after a while!:)
    And to everyone: Thank you!!!
    Love always from your sister in Christ,