Jul 1, 2010

More Vintage Finds! And Summer Giveaway Hosted by a Dear Friend!

Today, Mother and I went shopping with a friend in a charming little town. There were such sweet little shops including one of my top favourites: Posies!

We also went to an atique mall where I purchased this darling baby gown! Too cute, right?! Such sweet lace...Little puffed sleeves!

I am thinking of embroidering it, and saving it in my hopechest! My first baby outfit; how exciting! And only $10 dollars!!!

Mama sweetly purchased me two lovely, blank and lacey handkerchiefs!!! 'Tis so hard to find blank ones these days!

Definitely going to embroider these. Last year, I found one that looked just like the white handkerchief above from the same antique shop. As a Christmas gift for Mother, I embroidered the edges with gold floss, and green vines with red holly berries (French knots; my favourite:)

At Posies, I purchased this lovely note pad for $4.00!

Inside! It's French, English, old-fashion, has music notes, and a violin on it!!! It was a perfect find. Now, if only they would make lettering stationery! (By the way, I ran out of stamps for writing so much!!!!)
Also, Miriam from "Maidens of Virtue" is hosting a lovely giveaway!!! Go check it out!
Well, *Yawn* it is late, and I must start preparing for bed.
Love from your sister in Christ,


  1. How Delightful! I simply love everything!

  2. Lovely finds, dear friend! :)

  3. Those are great! I love 'em... especially the note pad. Prrrrretty!


  4. Beautiful. What store did you go to. Maybe it has stationary that I would like. I'm trying to find some. I bet the baby dress will turn out pretty.

  5. Looks fun! Could you give me the link for the giveaway?

  6. Grace,
    Those are all lovely! So beautiful!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy