Jul 14, 2010

Happiness is Homegrown Lavender...

Hello, dear readers!!! What a lovely (yet hot, it got up to the 100's to-day;P)! I have been posting alot about harvesting and drying my lavender, but I have not posted on how it's done. I thought you might enjoy seeing how it's harvested and dried:

First I pick it,

Then, you can organize the lavender according to how long it is....

You cut the bottom of the stocks to make them even...
Tie the stems together and hang them in a dark warm place with lots of air flow for a few hot days or a few weeks depending on the weather; drying it in a sunny place will fade the flowers. When the buds start to fall off, shake them in a bucket or container and store in a sealed container (I put mine in an old, glass olive jar to make it look more old-fashion looking:)

The little sprigs that are not fit for drying I put in a little jar with water. Not only is is pretty to look at and makes my room smell great, but it is also easy access to put a few sprigs on gifts, letters, and more!
Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. ~Helen Keller
Hope you enjoy! Hopefully I will be giving away some of my lavender on this blog!

Love always from your lavender girl,


  1. Beautiful! I love lavender... the scent and colour and all!

    In Christ,

  2. That is sooo awesome!! Id thought Id tell you about my giveaway!please go to www.rejoiceinhisword.blogspot.com P.S I love your blog!!

  3. I did your side poll, and I think you should make a baby blanket,becouse my mom is pregnet you could send it here(just kidding)In Christ,Hope

  4. Ooooh... I just love lavender!!! I can hardly wait for the giving away of the lavender!!
    Love always,

  5. OOOH, Grace! I love lavender. I might grow some.
    In christ,

  6. I wish we had lavender! I LOVED mine you sent me! It made the letter smell good. (-:

  7. Hey
    Did you know that you can put lavender in your bath?
    I do it and it makes me smell good.
    Do not put to much because it can burn your skin.
    You have a great blog one of my favorites.
    ~Anna Kiser~
    P.S.Kendra wants to know of you are going to enter her blog party?