Aug 2, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Jane Austen Tour Part 1: Favourite (Female) Characters!

I know, this was very lazy of me to put this event off until the last day! Feelin Feminine is hosting a Jane Austen Tour with wonderful prizes including a Regency era gown!!!!

(Please let me know if there are any typos in the character sketches below:)
Meet Miss Emma Woodhouse, resident of one of the wealthiest people of Highbury, spirited, witty, and the daughter of a very indulgent father. I love Jane Austen's clever idea of molding her main character into a vain person, but not, surprisingly, of her handsome looks, but of her match-making skills.
Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her.

If nothing was to vex her, she would not do with sitting around the fire reading a book (oh, no, she could never sit down and actually read a book:), and so if she was not busying herself by being house-maker of Hartfield (the Woodhouse's beautiful estate), she would certainly be content meddling in other people's affairs. I love the second to last scene in the 2009 version of Emma when she says (paraphrasing), "How blind I've been. I have been too busy managing other people's hearts that I have not examined my own. If anyone was to marry Mr. Knightly; that person, should surely!"

Meet gentle, sweet, Miss Harriet Smith. Emma's best friend and dear companion, she is easily swayed by Emma's superiority. According to Jane Austen's novel, she is honoured to even have such high connections with the Woodhouses and is even pursuaded to decline a good poposal through Emma's coaxing. After many confusing events, circumstances, and misunderstandings, all ends well for both Miss Smith and Miss Woodhouse!

Meet Miss Elizabeth (Eliza, Lizzy) Bennet daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and second eldest of five sisters of Longborn. The main character of Jane Austen's most well-known novel, Elizabeth Bennett is a spirited, tempered, witty, and strong minded young lady with a hint of prejudism towards people, especially towards a certain male character in the book...however, you will have to read (or watch) the novel to know what happens. Meet Miss Jane Bennett, eldest sister of the Bennett household, prettiest, and the sweetest tempered. She has compassion for anyone, even her enemies. Cassandra, Jane Austen's older sister, was her muse, and I think was her inspiration for this sweet-minded character.
Meet Georgianna Darcy, youngest of the Darcy family, and sister to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Mr. Darcy as he is referred to in the book), resident of Pemberly estate. Although not one of the main characters of Pride and Prejudice she is definitely one of my favourites for she is kind, sweet and quiet spirited.
Here is one of my favourite scenes in the 2009 version of Emma (with Romola Garai). Watch the whole movie on my mixpod, on the page labelled "Jane Austen Favourites and More." Amazing Movie!!!

And here is Mr. Darcy's proposal to Lizzy (favourite scene!):

(Watch both movies on the page above titled "Jane Austen Favourites and More").

Love always from your (wishing she were living in Jane Austen times) Sister in Christ,

P.S. I have temporarily removed my original mixpod, and switched the music to Jane Austen's Emma and Sense and Sensibility movie music!:)


  1. I love the movie, but as always: the book is better :)

  2. Really cool Grace!!!!!
    I would really like to watch those movies but alas, they are not instant play on netflix!
    so we shall rent them!!! awesome character desriptions!!! if i were a blooger i would enter the giveaway thing, because i would like that dress, but i guess i will just have to wait untill i turn thirteen. sorry for the liong comment!!

  3. Dearest Rachel,
    You can watch both movies on my page labeled "Jane Austen Favourites and More"! Enjoy!
    Love always,

  4. Georgiana,
    Very creative post! I loved your pictures, especially of Georgiana Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Emma has always been a favorite of mine, too.
    YOur sister in Christ,
    Lizzy Darcy