Jul 6, 2010

Photography: Tea Cup and Lavender

The other day, I had fun making an "unofficial" photo shoot taking pictures of my silver tea cup with some freshly picked lavender.

*Sigh* A dainty tea cup always makes the tea taste better, no?

Here's what I did:

Silver tea cup: flee market ($2.00)

Heirloom doily (crocheted by my sister's great, great grandmother).

Lavender freshly picked from my garden

I have also been enjoying harvesting my augustafolia (English Lavender). I say that "Happiness is a basket full of sweet-smelling lavender.":) Wouldn't you agree?

Best Regards,

P.S. You can find all of these pictures along with some of my other favouritest on the page above titled, "My Photography Spot." Enjoy!


  1. What lovely photos in this post as well dear Grace! I LOVE your tea cup!!! So very pretty! And your lavender is lovely! I love your quote "Happiness is a basketful of Lavender!" And yes, I most defiantly agree!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! I just realized i have a bit of old fashion in me! I love sewing and knitting! I am trying to sew a make shift quilt! If any of you girls have advice, please let me know!
    Rachel =)

  3. How pretty! I got your sweet-smelling letter the other day. (-: I will try to reply soon but we have to buy stamps, we are out. )-: It might be a while!

    Please do host another giveaway! I really want to win!!! (-:

  4. Lovely teacup and lavender! Wonderful photos as well..:)
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Those teacups are absolutely beautiful!!! I would be so scared to touch them in fear that I might break them. Again I say, they are so beautiful!!!


  6. Georgiana,
    I loved your pictures! I was looking at your photography spot and I think they're so beautiful!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy