Jul 8, 2010

The Joys of Thy Girlhood

Girlhood; is it days long gone by or what you are living in at this very moment? For me, I would have to say, I on the brink of ending my "younger" girlhood, and am just beginning the to step into the joys of being a teenager. What things you hear how the world perceives 'the joys of being a teenager;' think of it, if you were conversing with an 'average' person today. They would probably scoff at the words, and say, "Teenagers are trouble, can't wait for them to get out of the house," or say "You had better watch out for your daughter," to your mom. WHAT TROUBLE!!!! Should we really put on this generation that curse of being naughty and bad, disrespectful and unkind to both their parents, family, and friends?

The teen years are just an exstension of care-free days. My heart always thumps in excitment when I read these words from Beautiful Girlhood :

Girlhood days are happy days. The blush of youth is on your cheeks, and the rich, red blood of youth is in your veins, while the cares of life have not yet settled upon your heart. You are tuned to catch every note of music, to respond to every pleasurable emotion and fancy. Life is full of song and laughter. You look forward with a magic view that hides all the sorrows and terrors, and reveals in bright hues all the joys and blessings. Your heart beats with eagerness to begin the conquests that will certainly be your's. From your point of view there are no defeats, no failures, no disappointments. Every thorn is hidden, and ever rose revealed. So contagious is your joy and optimism that your presence cheers the dullest household and sets its pulse beating with hope and laughter. With garlands of hope and joy upon your lips you go forth to meet life joyously and unafraid....

What I need to work on is having a more optimistic attitude:). Daydreaming also plays a great role in your girlhood days.

With no dreams, there would be a wasteland of doubt,

So dream BIG

For there will always be:


Many a girl waste too much of their time, dreaming to grow up, that when the time comes and when they are grown, they look back on their childhood that they had wasted.

So do tell me: what is your favourite thing about being in this stage of girlhood; are you just experiencing this new and exciting era, or are you reminiscing those wonderful times?

Do, oh please do tell!

I would not chill the warmth and animation of happy girlhood. IF I could see the clouds and storms of life just ahead, the cares that would bend your back and break your heart, would they be any less painful of difficult if you knew? Laugh and play now, for this is your day. Dream your bright and happy dreams, and aspire to your lofty heights. I should be a pessimist indeed, if I did not encourage you in the radiant dreams and fair hopes that now brighten your skies and make your path light.

In a few short years, oh! so few, these guardians and burden-lifters will be all taken away, and you will step into the full care and responsibility of womanhood. So laugh and play and rejoice in your youth, dream your glorious day-dreams, sip the honey and nectar from every passing hour: but guard well your feet that they do not slip into one of the snares and pitfalls along the ways. Be pure, be true, be sincere, be earnest, and life will bring you peace and happiness.

~From Beautiful Girlhood

Love to you all from your sister in Christ,


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  2. Wonderful post, Grace. For me I think that I want to still be a girl, and be able to do the things that wouldn't be exceptable now, but then I want to grow up and share the gospel with people in the middle east! Right now I'm content with being myself, a 'just turned teenager'. (-:

  3. You always write such thoughtful posts, Grace! :) Well, I'm not a teen yet, so I wouldn't know.
    I love your blog so I put your blog button on mine! =) =)
    Love from

  4. what a beautiful post, and lovely pictures, Grace! Also,I wanted to ask you to please enter my follower fest - I need at least 35 followers by the end of July if I am going to do a blog party. If I get more than 35 followers, then I will have a giveaway! Please post about it and tell your followers!
    God bless,

  5. My favorite thing is shopping for clothes with my mom and not having to worry about things that don't fit. I pretty much stay the same size for a while. ( Plus, we have all the cute clothes! Giggle) Although sometimes i can't help wondering what life will be like when I'm older though. But God will say when it is time for me to grow up!

  6. Lovely post as always, Grace!
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  7. Georgiana,
    That was a beautiful post! I've never read Beautiful Girlhood. Maybe I will.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  8. Dearest Grace,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on such a wonderful subject. Young women these days have trouble in many areas of their lives. I strive to be a bright, cheerful, and loving young girl as I follow God's commands.
    Beautiful Girlhood is a delightful book, with so many wonderful key points for a young girl. I am currently in the midst of reading it along with a dear friend of mine!
    Thank you again for sharing, dear friend!

    Your Sister In Christ,