Jul 14, 2010

More Thoughts on my Story Contest

Dear Readers,
Well, this is my 99th post (I had to delete a few past posts {unimportant ones of course} to squeeze this one in), and I am so excited because I am planning on making some wonderful prizes for the winners of my story contest! I think I will stop posting for awhile (not blogging but posting:), but I am not sure that I will be able to hold out. We shall see how it goes though!
I do need your help, though. Post this on your blog (you can paste it to your sidebar or include this in a post), telling your followers who would be interested in a story contest to come follow me! I just need 100 followers:)
I think it is only fair to tell you a hint of what the giveaway prizes are. Well, there will be three winners; the first two will get a "bigger" prize then the third one. Your hint is...Lavender. One prize has lavender, the other one involves yarn...hmm..... I have to stop there, for I am too tempted to tell you the prize!
I will be reviewing the rules in my official post (If thinking of entering, please carefully read instructions below; questions? just leave a comment) :
Only one entry per participant. Entries may be a little over 2,000 words (please count the words and post them for me when you post your entries)
I will be having you post your entries on your blog (it will make it easier) with the painting that inspired you to write your short story.
Stories that have inappropriate content will not be entered including mushy romances and crude humour. Please keep all entries God-honouring and clean.
Everybody between ages 11-17 who has a blog can enter, however I will only ship the prizes in the U.S. not including Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry. The people who do not live in the U.S., but are still entering for fun and win, will receive an award that can be posted on there blog saying that they won my story contest.
I shall be judging on coherence, characters (how well you molded your characters), how well you combined your art piece and story together, spelling and grammar. I WILL ALSO BE JUDGING YOUR STORY BASED ON YOUR SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, AND GRAMMAR.
Your story needs to have a title and cannot be in poetry form. You may have a poem in the story (as long as you include the author), include the artist and title of the painting of which you based your short story on.
And you may include a letter in the story, but the whole story cannot be in letter form.
There will be honourable mentions as well.
Note: This is NOT the official post of my Story Contest! These are NOT my official rules to my Story Contest.
I hope this all made sense to you. I will be more organized next time:)
Love from your scribbling friend,


  1. Oh it sounds fun Grace! :)
    I will put the button on my blog so that you will get the 100 followers that you need! :) I need to find a painting though which to base my story on...:)
    Have a lovely day dear friend and I hope to talk to you today!

  2. Your blog button is really pretty. Looks like you put some good time into it.
    Awaiting your letter,
    Rachel :) ;)

  3. Georgiana,
    How exciting! I can't wait!
    Your sisterin CHrist,
    Liz Darcy

  4. Happy almost 10th post Miss Grace! I am a little too busy at the moment to write a short story though. :( But I can't wait to read other young ladies stories.


  5. Grace,

    Ooh, that sounds like SO much fun, and I LOVE To write.. have tons of stories written, actually.. I think I will participate, but not actually enter into the contest. Mom helps me do my editing, so I doubt that would be very fair to everyone else!

    However, I plan on getting a picture and writing a story about it and then posting in on the blog all the same. It just sounds like a neat and fun idea. Very challenging.. writing just over 2,000 words is tough! I did that once for a contest (didn't win), but it was my first contest any way..

    Ok, enough rambling. I will try to write you back very soon! Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Love from your friend,

    PS Did you do a pregiveaway post about my voting polls?? Couldn't remember if you had or not...

  6. I'd like to join!
    Hello, I'm Gwen, and I'm new to your blog!

    God Bless!

  7. Sounds fun! Could the prizes be sent before August 28 because we're moving to Egypt soon! And also, do you mind if I use a picture from your sidebar?

  8. Grace, there is one more thing I would like to tell you, could you post about my blog party? I would like to have people that want to enter before I host it.

  9. Grace, did you already send the letter? I have not received it yet.
    P.S. When will you post some more on your blog

  10. Dear Rachel,
    I am sorry that I have not written to you yet. I have been very busy during the past few days, and I need to set aside a writing day. Thank you for your patience!
    Your sister in Christ,
    P.S. The reason I have not been posting lately is because I need 100 followers for my 100th post story contest, and besides, I am enjoying some down time as well, for I have noticed that I have been spending too much time on the internet! :)

  11. Gotcha! Have fun relaxing!

  12. Oh, dear Grace, I'm SO glad to be back here! I've missed writing to you! How are you? I hope you are having a lovely day full of sunny blessings, as well as all the blessings from the Son (which include the sun=). I'm doing better. Thanks for your prayers! I hope you've been experiencing the *wink* too! =)
    Love From Your Sister,
    P.S.: I am SO SO happy to be back talking to my wonderful little sis! =)

  13. Dear Grace,

    Sounds exciting! I have become a follower (#74) because you have to post again soon! I've put your 100-follwer button on the sidebar of my blog at http://forever-love-blog.blogspot.com/

    I'm so excited about the short story competition, I can't wait to start writing! I've got a few questions, will you be able to clarify? I am from overseas, and our grammar and spelling is a little different to American. So would it be okay, or would you prefer American? Also, where would I be able to find beautiful paintings like the ones you have on your sidebar?

    By the way, I love the music on your playlist :) I have also played violin for over five years!

    Blessings in Christ,

  14. Dear Grace,

    Hi again! Thank you for stopping by my blog and answering my questions. Yes, I do realise you won't be shipping internationally, but I love to take part anyway. That website has such lovely paintings! Very inspiring :) And I used to use the Suzuki method, but I don't anymore.

    With love,

  15. Dear Rachel,
    If you are reading this comment, just wanted to let you know that I have just finished your letter! Hopefully you should be receiving it in the next few days!
    ~Blessings from your Sister in Christ,

  16. Thanx! Our first letter!!! how exciting!!!
    Rachel- Lu

  17. Grace (sorry to bother you again!), could you email me and tell me how to add words instead of 'comments', like '2 sweet thoughts' or '7 little notes'?

    You said you've just started to blog, but now you're already giving help to newer bloggers! (I've probably been on blogger longer but I would never post when I first started blogging!) :-D

    Your Sis in Christ,

  18. just got your letter!! it's soooo pretty!!!

  19. Dear Rachel,
    Glad that you liked it!!! Wow that came fast, but we live in the same town!:)

  20. Georgiana,
    Just wanted to let you know that you have been...TAGGED!!!:)
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy