Dec 1, 2012

an old-fashion, handmade christmas.

hullo, darling! welcome to my crafting cottage. oh, let's get you out of the cold, for you do appear thoroughly chilled indeed. here, sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of nicely brewed tea. or chocolate perhaps? there now, how is that? 'tis quite chilly out there, no? well, I am very happy that you have called upon me on this winter's afternoon. this shall be grand fun! a bit of sewing or knitting upon your lap on a cold winter's day is such a cozy thought indeed.

freely you have received, freely you give...
{matthew 10:8}

we shall have grand fun, shall we not? there shall be baking and sewing and knitting all to the beat of the cheery fireside's crackle. this Christmas is going to be very special indeed, for we shall not be giving gifts made from the store having not a soul to touch, but we shall be making this Christmas...
An Old-Fashion Handmade Christmas
perhaps, ye would like to hear how this old-fashion Christmas event was inspired, eh? well, 'twas a winter's night two years passed whence I sat by the cold window and looked out of the frosted pane dreaming of a Christmases spent long ago. presents wrapped carefully settled under the spicy pine; within them nestled gifts all made by hands of sweet aunts who sewed rag dolls from last year's dress, worrisome mothers who cared to have their children warm in hand knit scarves and mittens, father's who lovingly carved wooden nativity sets and toys for their sons and daughters - for all was but a simpler time focused and devoted to family and God's wonderful gift to mankind. freely we have received from Christ who has given us the most precious gift of all; freely our hearts yearn to give and bless others sharing God's love during this Christmas season.  {{read how this event started 2 years}} 

now having settled down by the tree let us look at our crafting table :: 

december 2nd ~ december 23rd 
{four weeks of tutorials and christmastime fun!} 
weeks shall consist of...
:: stitched with love sundays :: 
{stitchin' up your Christmas with loving hands, link up} 
week one // headband edition
week three // baby, it's cold outside [part i] 
week four // simple stitchin' with miss kellie of accordion to kellie
:: baking day mondays:: 
{make your kitchen smell like Christmas, link up} 
week two // me, oh my! oh, peppermint pie! {rescheduled} 
by miss elizabeth of a little piece of heaven 
week three // baked with love by bethany from reflections of grace
{"regular" and personal project posts. ;)}
saturday // just breathe. {personal post} 
monday // bits and pieces. {personal post}
tuesday // what a SMASHING idea by miss elizabeth
:: pin it up wednesdays :: 
{a collection of odds n' ends found on my pinboards, link up}
week two // christmas card inspiration {canceled}
week three // last minute gift ideas by Jo of i love...
:: crafting by the tree thursdays :: 
{knitting, crocheting, and every stitch in between, link up, and guest posts}
week three // baby, it's cold outside [part ii]
:: deck the halls fridays ::
{christmas decoration diy} 
week two // garlands galore {canceled}
week three // ornaments {canceled}
:: wrappin' it up saturdays :: 
{creative ways for wrapping up your gifts, link up} 
week three // {canceled}
 the above program is currently susceptible to change. ;) **update** due to lack of time {and lack of traffic} the last weeks of friday's post and saturday's posts have been canceled.
so join me and a hand-full of talented young ladies, for my third annual Christmas gathering, as we, knit, paste, stitch, wrap, tape, and bake - to make this old-fashioned, handmade Christmas. 

who's joining us? {leave a little note with your 'calling card' below. *wink*}
the girl crafting away in her wintry wonderland.  
:: other events you might want to join :: 


  1. Oh! This sounds absolutely lovely. Looking forward to this!

  2. oh, this sounds like such fun, Grace! i would *love* to join you. {i'm not sure if i'll be able to do everything, but i would love to participate in some of your lovely events.} :) what a lovely idea, m'dear!


  3. This sounds like such a lovely event! I will try to participate as much as possible.

  4. How cool! I'll be looking forward to it all!

  5. How fun! I was hoping you would do this, Grace! :) I will try to join in whenever I can!


  6. I CANNOT wait to see all the great posts that are coming! :)

  7. That sounds like alot of fun :) I love your Christmas design btw!

    Also I wanted to let you know I am having a giveaway on blog if you would like to check it out!

    In Christ,
    Emma Margaret

  8. Wow, this sounds super fun! I can't wait to see what lovely advice you'll give. :)

  9. I'll definitely be coming back! (I found your blog through Samantha's blog Simple Delights.)

  10. Sounds wonderful! I will try to participate in as much as I can!

  11. Sounds exciting, Grace! Can't wait to read your tutorials throughout the month, (especially the baking ones ;)). Take care!

  12. sounds awesome! looking forward to all of the posts!
    I must say, you're writing is simply wonderful!

  13. I cannot wait to see all of these lovely posts! I always make my Christmas presents, so this is perfect. Hopefully I'll find some last-minute ideas. *smile*


    p.s. thank you so much for you sweet comments on my blog, dear!

  14. Hopefully I'll be able to follow along with most of these posts! I love to sew, bake/cook, crochet, knit, and do many other types of crafts.


  15. We as a family don't really celebrate Christmas, but I'll find it very interesting to read all those posts! :D I really like doing a lot of what you mentioned above, so I will definitely call whenever a new post is up! ;)


    1. Well, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope that you find some of the tutorials helpful - and if you should choose to make any of them, I hope you enjoy doing so. ;) All the tutorials/links that will be listed can be used at any time of year. ;)
      Grace, The Keeper of the Garden

  16. Awesome! Maybe I'll actually be able to to do some of those things! (I'm verrrrrrry un-artsy :)
    Oh and I love your new blog theme :)
    -mal :)

  17. Ohmygoodnessgracious. I love you. I miss you darling, first off, and yes! I can't wait to be participating. Honestly, I don't know how you manage to be so wonderful and... and indescribably adorable without trying. And I love love love your blog design.
    I love you,

    p.s. you ought to kick me, dear, for being so unsociable. Traveling might be fashionable but I am sick of it :)

  18. This sounds lovely, Grace! And I love your new header, btw! :)

    ~Camille M.