Dec 13, 2012

:: crafting by the tree thursdays // knitting {crocheting} with natasha

hallo, m'dears! to-day, it is an honor to have the lovely miss natasha lead the knitting crocheting circle in my garden this afternoon as she will show you how to crochet two beautiful projects with her own tutorials! please leave her some love for her hard work. ;) 

Merry Christmas, ladies!
Today I have two super simple crochet patterns/tutorials/projects/gifts/whatever for your use and enjoyment.  The finished results for both are deliciously feminine and make excellent Christmas gifts for the gals on your list!   Depending on how expert you are at crocheting, you should be able to make these in one day and use a minimal amount of yarn.  Who could ask for anything more at this busy time of year?  Without further ado...

Ruffle Scarf Pattern/Tutorial by Natasha Marie

Skill level: beginner/easy - must know how to chain and double crochet

Hook size: K

Yarn: approximately 1/2 a skein of Red Heart Super Saver
Stitch abbreviations: ch (chain), dc (double crochet)

Row 1: ch 123
Row 2: turn and dc in each ch across.
ch 3 and turn.
Row 3: 2 dc in each dc of previous row (increase).
ch 3 and turn.
Row 4: repeat previous increase row.
Tie off and weave in ends.  Ta-da!  You're ruffle scarf is complete!

| & |
{photo credit: Kellie Falconer

Bow Belt Pattern/Tutorial by Natasha Marie
Skill level: beginner/easy - must know how to chain, single crochet, and half double crochet

Hook size: H

Yarn: less than 1/2 a skein of Red Heart Super Saver {you could use any brand,
but solid, worsted weight is best}

Stitch abbreviations: ch (chain), hdc (half double crochet)

What else you'll need: sewing needle, thread {same color as the yarn}, 2 buttons {clear or similar color to the yarn}

::Belt/Strap ::
Row 1: ch approx. 120 (adjust
according to waist size)
Row 2: hdc in 2nd ch from
hook then in each ch across to end.  ch 2 turn
Row 3 – hdc in each stitch across.
Cut yarn, tie off, and weave in ends.

:: Bow ::
Row 1: ch 22
Row 2: hdc in each ch across ch 2 turn
Row 3: repeat Row 2 six times.  Cut
yarn, tie off, and weave in ends

Bow Center
Row 1: ch 8. Turn.
Row 2:  hdc in each chain across.  Leave
long yarn tails (at least 2 inches - these will be used later).

Assembling the bow: gather bow piece
in the middle.  Place strap around center and use long yarn tails of
the bow center to attach.

Belt assembly: Using your needle and
thread, sew bow to strap.  Sew on your two buttons as shown in the center picture below.

And there you have it!  Two gifts to delight your family and friends this Christmas.
| about meWell hello there, friends!  I'm Natasha Marie from Day by Day.  That's what I call my wee corner o' the internet where I blog about my life as a formerly homeschooled, stay-at-home older daughter living in beautiful North Idaho with my family.   You'll find a little bit of everything that is dear to me on my blog - classic films, all things vintage, my graphic designs, crochet and sewing, my friends and family, my {small} flock of sheep, my horse and dog, British TV, my fascination with Scotland, and the countless blessings both great and small which the Lord has given me.  I'd love to have you stop by sometime!  

Thank you Grace for the opportunity to share with your delightful readers!  It's an honor and a privilege, and I've enjoyed every minute.
special thanks to miss natasha for taking the time to compose these two lovely tutorials! 
want to join in the knitting crocheting circle?  
post a knitting/crocheting tutorial or two on your blog, copy the link of your post, and leave it in a little note below. be sure to include a link to this blog post, so your readers can join too! the tutorial does not have to be composed by you, but be sure to give proper credit to the creator {we all work really hard to compile these things, and it'd be a shame not to give credit to hard work ;)}. happy knitting/crocheting, dearies!
the girl crocheting in her wintry wonderland.

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  1. Cute! Wish I knew how to knit or crochet! :)