Dec 23, 2012

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to where did time fly?!!! my mind simply cannot grasp that christmas is in two days. so...I have reserved the best for last, as the beautifully stunning and wonderfully talented miss kellie of accordion to kellie takes "center stage" and shows you gals how to stitch up a darling {not to mention incredibly easy} needle case that can be whipped up for those last minute projects. enjoy, m'dears, and be sure to take a minute to leave miss kellie some love for her hard work. ;) 


Greetings, and Merry Christmas, ladies!
Today it's my delight to share a little festive crafty project that's perfect for gift giving, stocking stuffers, or simply just because.
I first saw this darling idea when my grandma gave me her special needlebook, which a little girl had made and given to her long ago. It was composed of two pieces of soft purple felt, stitched together in the middle to form a simple little book. It even had a jaunty Scottie dog on the front, complete with enormous button eye. Have I ever mentioned how partial I am to Scottie dogs?

I have come up with my own version of the little felt needlebook, and I think it's the perfect gift for all of your crafty friends... it would even make a darling baby's picture book with felt shapes stitched on each page.

To make one needlebook, you will need:

one 9 x 12" piece of wool or acrylic felt 
scissors, or rotary blade and cutting mat
embroidery floss, needles
extra embellishments such as buttons, beads, different colors of felt, etc.

Step by Step:

1).  Select your material.
2).  Cut it exactly in half crosswise.
3).  Take one half, and cut it exactly in half crosswise again.
4).  You now have the two leaves of your needlebook, composed of one half of the origional 9 x 12" felt square.

Either by hand or machine, stitch the two leaves together in the exact center, crosswise.
 I like to use my sewing machine first, and then topstitch by hand over the machine stitching with embroidery floss. 
 It is more securely fastened that way, while still preserving the "handmade" look of hand-stitching.
Voilà!  |  Now take your finished booklet and trim the edges even.
Now for the fun part - embellishing!

For applique, here are several templates you may use - simply right-click on one to save it to your desktop. Remember, when cutting out your felt appliqué,  decide which side of the felt you wish to be on top. Most felt has a different texture on each side! The same applies when sewing your booklet together.
Here are step-by-step photographs for creating my "Literary Heroine" needlebook for those of you who are new to embroidery and appliqué, but your imagination is really the only limit to the way you can dress your pinkeeper up!

1).  When you have all of your appliqué/embroidery supplies, etc assembled, you're ready to sew!

2).  I used a simple running stitch to appliqué my silhouette to a square of white felt, which will form a darling little pocket on the front of the book.  For instructions on making various embroidery stitches, is a wonderful resource!
To visit their embroidery stitch library, click this link.

3).  French knots were used to fasten the pocket to the front cover.

4).  Make sure that the back of your embroidery is as neat as possible, because it will be in plain sight whenever you open your needlebook!  If I find that the inside cover is simply too messy, I like to sew another piece of coordinating felt on top to hide my under stitches. It also forms an extra pocket inside!
5).  Satin bows are always in style!
There you have it - a simple, useful, and adorable project I know you'll love to create.
Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful garden, dear Grace!
Happy Sewing!

speical thanks to dear miss kellie, for composing such a lovely tutorial!


thank you, dearies, for joining me in my third annual christmas event!!!
I am quite aware that during the "most wonderful" time of the year, everyone is running around in circles attempting to complete everything on their list. so I want to take a little moment to specially thank the sweet young ladies who have been following my posts {whether you commented or not}, and the beautiful young ladies who had sweetly agreed to compose posts for my event. I pray that this event has aided you in your 2012 holiday plotting and inspired you to make this christmas...
An Old Fashioned, Handmade Christmas. ;)
 with love,

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  1. So cute! I want to make one now, and I think I will be keeping it (to cute to giveaway)

    Grace, I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the little button that says 'scroll to top' ? I would like to add it to my blog.