Dec 3, 2012

:: baking mondays // sugar n' spice and everything nice ::


:: family favorite :: 
{five} pumpkin spice bars by my dear friend Gabby
these pumpkin bars will be sure to fill your house with the delicious scent of the holidays and have definitely become a favorite in our fact, it's such a staple that I'm going to go raid the refrigerator again for another slice. ;) 


want to join the holiday baking? 
post one of your favorite christmastime recipe [or two], copy the link of your post, and leave it in a little note below [recipes does not have to be your own, but make sure to give proper credit of both the recipe and the image{s} to the owner]. be sure to include the link of this post for your readers to join too. happy baking! 
the girl baking in her wintry wonderland.

{*disclaimer :: the recipes and images are not my property} 


  1. Mmmm the baked goods look super delicious! :9 I think I might do this, if I have enough time that is. Thanks for posting the recipes!

  2. My recipe:

  3. Aww... thanks for linking up my pumpkin bars! I made some the other day and thought about you. It was the most delicious moment, as you can imagine.
    And hey! How did you get such a snazzy collage? I can't seem to find a good place to make one...
    Love you.

  4. Ahh, Grace this is SO wonderful and lovely. I was actually hoping to post a Christmasy-recipe on my blog (before I knew of your little link-up); IF I post my recipe in time, I'll have to link up. :)

    xo | Acacia

    PS I really, really, REALLY like your new design! - Especially the header and the snow. ;)

  5. My recipe~


  6. These look so delicious! I love the snow effect on your blog, it's lovely.

  7. Yummy! Those cupcakes look fantastic! (Well, everything looks fantastic, but those CUPCAKES!) I want to make baked goods for Christmas presents for the neighbors, and these are great ideas!

  8. All sorts of goodness on this post. :) I must try the pumpkin bars and the cranberry and maple loaf...well, i guess i should just add them all to the list to try ;)