Dec 15, 2012

:: stitched with love // baby, it's cold outside [part i] ::


what gift made by {your cold chapped hands} wouldn't warm a heart? after you finish stitching up a bunch of hand warmers for mom, aunt, your neighbor down the street that you don't even know but have to give them a gift because they give one to you - do yourself a favor and make yourself one. ;)


want to join in the sewing circle?  
post a sewing tutorial or two on your blog, copy the link of your post, and leave it in a little note below. be sure to include a link to this blog post, so your readers can join too! the tutorial does not have to be composed by you, but be sure to give proper credit to the creator {we all work really hard to compile these things, and it'd be a shame not to give credit to hard work ;)}. happy sewing!

{{*disclaimer - the images above are not my property}}. 

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  1. Miss Grace,

    May I ask how you made your photo collages for these posts? I love making collages of pictures but don't know of any websites that do nice ones like yours!