Mar 12, 2011

What can we do?

As many of you know and have heard from the news reports, Japan was shaken by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake which sparked a huge tsunami, sweeping across the island, taking destroying anything in its path.

With no mercy. It breaks one's heart to see home destroyed, lives taken. 

But what can we do whilst people suffer across the Pacific Ocean?
One simple word:


Pray for our Japanese brothers and sisters in Christ. Put one of these buttons on your sidebar.



Please also keep in prayer Sachiko from Tea Rose Home; she has family she cannot reach in Japan, and her hometown was struck by the tsunami. 

Thank you also, Lucia Marie from 
 for this wonderful post


  1. I didn't even hear about this!! I will be praying...

  2. Yes, your right Grace, the best thing we can do is pray!


  3. I will be praying!

    NNTP: But it was actually an 8.9 earthquake! That is HUGE! Almost 9.0!

    How sad, as you said, to see so many lives taken!

  4. My Aunt's family lives in/are from Japan and they (my Aunt and Uncle) tried to contact them to see if they were okay and at first couldn't get through to them. Thankfully, they finally got a hold of them and they are okay. Praise God!

    ~Johanna Kautt

  5. I'm praying. It doesn't seem fair that I'm here listening to the soft music on your blog, while others are dying.

  6. I'm pretty sure that no one was thinking, 'we have an earthquake today!'. Earthquake/tsunami probably was unexpected. I hope Japan will be okay soon!


  7. Yes I have been keeping all of these precious people in my prayers. It's devastating over there from the pictures that I have seen. Thank you for posting this and for the buttons I will visit your friends blog as well and keep her in prayer too this must be aweful for her. Blessings to you.

  8. I posted your "Pray for Japan" button on my blog! (

    ♥ Book blogger