Mar 16, 2011

March's Simple Life: In the Garden

Good afternoon, dearest readers! How delightful you could join me to-day in my blooming garden. 
Over the past few days, I have been investing a short part of my time in my new vegetable garden, filled with a few sprouts my dear pastor's wife gave to me. I thought you might enjoy seeing the garden's progress...
The strawberries will be sweet this summer. 
Oooh! Fennel shall be dried and roasted this summer...
{I love this photo;)} 
The cilantro shall hopefully grow, for 'tis such a tender, sensitive plant. How yummy it shall be in salads and salsa made with tomatoes and onions from the garden!

The daffodils have been springing up as well, dancing cheerfully in the spring breeze...

*sigh* I <3 macro photos!

Old Mr. Rabbit has been cheerfully hoping about the clover and just waiting for a chance to escape into my vegetable garden;). Actually, in the summer, if I do not keep an eye on my basil plants {and carrot plants}, I will find a few stems nibbled on. He has also attacked my poor mint plant. 
I have been busy pressing a few bits of spring so that I might have remnants to keep for my memory book and card-making endeavors. 

I think pressing them between printed words by Jane Austen puts a little magic-enchantment- on it;).

My Spring Garden Party hosted in May {coming May Day}, is being planned. Etsy sponsors who are interested in contributing are welcomed! I have a few written down for May, but am always open to more, since this will be a pretty big event!:) I'm planning on contests, giveaways, tags, scavenger hunts {yes, scavenger hunts}, party ideas, craft tutorials, recipes-it's going to be so much fun!! 

I hope to have Miss Bethany from Joyfull Girl Creations to design my blog before the May Garden Party, as well as learn some new blogging designing tips from her as well. ;) 
She does an amazing job combining old-fashion and clean, modern tastes into such a lovely blog design. 

My dear, previous violin teacher's birthday is to-day. Happy Birthday, Shawna! I am making you something special;). 

I received this in the mail:
{In this color;)}
And cannot wait to start knitting my left-hand fingerless glove! 

{Not revealing photo via for privacy issues; don't want any stalkers in my hometown =D}
Since the weather has been fairer, Mother and I have been exploring out-of-doors in the warm, spring sunshine! One of the outings include going to Tuesday's farmer's market; we are so blessed to live in CA where they sell strawberries, sweet strawberries in March. Yet, one of my favorite booths to visit is Gardenesque; owned by a very sweet woman. Her soaps are so delightful, ranging from fruity to floral. My favorites include Lilac {some of my stationary smells like lilacs because I use a bar of soap to scent it;)} Apricot, Kumquat, Lavender Rose, and my new favorite, Clementine. Her soaps are too delightful!

Now off to my card-making endeavors! Hope you are all having a restful evening, dearest friends!
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  1. I love the 8th picture, Grace! I'll try to enter your giveaway later on today. ;)

  2. Lovely post, dearest Grace! What a lovely garden you have!

  3. Grace such a beautiful post so full of life and beauty. I would love to see your cards you make when you are done I'm sure they are lovely. The bars of soup look scrumptious. Looking forward to your Spring Garden Party so exciting this is. Blessings to you Grace.