Mar 27, 2011

Springtime Musings....

I know probably a lot of you are living in an area where springtime has not arrived at your doorstep yet. This poem was specifically written to those who almost feel as though spring will not come again...

 Springtime Will Come

Amidst the storms of rain and snow
The cherry blossoms hide from sight,
The winds, they blow
As the sun hides it golden glow. 

"Spring is near,
Hope is here," 
Sighs the pines~
Green tips of new grass are signs. 

Again darkness closes,
But summer blooms of roses
Hide from the naked eye
"No, hope" whispers
The March breeze
All white is what one sees
Snow, hail, sleet,
But winter will meet
Spring again.

Do not worry, my dear friend
God will send
Spring again!
With blue skies and pink blossoms
Tall trees will be whitened with flowers,
And birds will sing
Because again will come spring! 

Besides, spring is always in my garden ;), and you can come here any time you would like for a breath of fresh, warm air. 

Lots of Love,


  1. Love the poem!Thanks Grace!~ Peyton

  2. I love this poem!
    That's definitely what it feels like right about now - it was snowing this morning here in North Idaho. But, I have been starting to see birds flitting about and singing, so there is hope:)
    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem, Grace!

    ~Lady Edith~

  3. I love, love, spring!! We actually are entering our spring stage where I live... yay!


  4. Thank you for the poem! Spring is yet to come here. ;)

  5. Does this poem apply for Wisconsiners who get 18 inches of snow? :) I hope so. ;)

    Lol, it is supposed to get warmed (40's I believe). :D

  6. Very very beautiful Grace thank you for sharing. I live in Northwest Florida Spring is here. We do get cold winters here so Spring is always a joy even though it's Florida. I love the pictures you posted with the poem very lovely. Blessings to you.

  7. Thank you for sharing the poem :-)
    I wonder, is the picture of the lady with the blue dress copyrighted? I'd love to put it in my soon-to-be blog. Elena