Mar 23, 2011

The Simplicity of March

Hello, dear readers! Well, this week has been terribly busy {as always}! 
 Well, between my busy schedule, I have been writing to dear friends in my "free" time;). 
 My "famous" G seal!;) {I love the bokeh in the background} 
A peek into one of my writing desk drawers.... 

I have been enthralled in the latest novel written by extraordinary Julie Klassen!:) *sigh* 'Tis a good read thus far, although I think the main character has been shadowed by scandal in her past; for this reason she is shut away in an abandoned gatehouse. Hopefully, it will end up to be a good read in the end. {I already know who she is going to marry;)} 
I have also been attempting to fiddle with my newly downloaded Gimp. I am completely stumped. 
{No that's an understatement}. 
To those who have some experience with this neat contraption, please help me!!! I actually do not really know what it does; I know it can be used as a photoshop editor, but I would probably only use it to make blog buttons and graphics etcetera. 

Oh, and finally, yes, I shall be packing my bags and running away to Paris!;) *giggles* Yes, indeed I shall be off to Pari' soon, but not quite yet. This is hardly a proper 'au revoir!' :P 

No, I shall be going to the 'happiest place on earth'
{*cough, cough*}

Yes, indeed certainly one of the funnest places in Southern CA, but probably not the happiest. 
{in the background one can hear kids crying because Mickey scares them;)}  

I am very much looking forward to going on rides with my friends who I have not been to Disney Land in a very long time; I think the break will do us good. Because our hotel does have free Wifi, I shan't be blogging down in Anaheim, but I shall hopefully, write up a post perhaps, to-night to be scheduled later in the week. {If the sponsors contact me, you will have a new giveaway to enter;)} 

Oh, and finally {the official finally;)} I have been doing a lot of crafting {sorry for the lack of pic.} in preparation for a dear friend {dear friend} that I am meeting for the first time in person!!! I am too excited and we have been squealing over the phone because of our anticipation. ;)    

May the Lord bless you all, dearest friends! I shall be taking a blogging break because of my trip
{So much to do so little time although I have more than a week;)}
 Lord willing, as I wrote earlier in the post, I hopefully will be scheduling a post soon for ya'll whilst I am away. I will be coming back with many pictures. 
Prayers for travelling mercy will be much appreciated! I'll be missing each and every one of you!!! As Miss Carlotta from Pastor Girl Ponderings said in her newest post sometimes when you lack inspiration when it comes to blogging it can become~a chore. It's hard work to keep one up!;)

Lots of Love in Christ,
~Miss Grace, the Keeper of the Garden~


  1. OOH!!! How excited you must be to get to meet your 'dear friend'!!!! I really want to meet her in person someday. But I have so many friends in the blogger world that I want to meet, that I don't think it would be possible. :(

    Have a good trip and give that dear friend of yours (who is also mine!) a big hug for me, k??


  2. I use's great for tweaking colors, making blog graphics, and almost any kind of photo editing! I'd be happy to help if you have questions. :) I basically just learned through doing lots of tutorials that I found online.

  3. Have a lovely and safe trip, Miss Grace! I am so happy that you will be able to meet Miss Johanna! I can imagine how excited you must be getting! :)

    Many Blessings,

  4. Eeeek! You get to meet Johanna? How exciting! :) I actually thought you two already knew each other. *winks* I have a "bosom friend" named Hannah, and we're longing to see each other. Hopefully someday! I will miss your posts, but have a great break!

  5. *sighs* I love your tools you use for writing letters...someone is getting quite jealous. ;)

  6. Hope you have fun meeting Joanna!! That will be a delightful time! =)

  7. You have a WRITING desk? Lucky!! And I love your wax ... you're classy!

  8. Will miss reading your posts, but enjoy your trip! :-)

  9. GIMP was too confusing for me, I use Picnik or! You should try them!

  10. Dear Grace,

    This comment might be a little late, but I thought I'd share a link to some great Gimp tutorials (I know, I was completely confused at first as well!) Here it is:


  11. I love wax seals, though I have yet to try using one!

    Kim at has tutorials on how to use Photoshop which I have been able to apply to Gimp fairly easily :) She *just* did a free class, and though it is over now, maybe she'll be offering another soon. I learned so much about Gimp I didn't even know existed :D