Mar 10, 2011

The Crafting Life {A Whole Bunch of Tutorials;)}

Well, as I am in my recovery mode, I have been searching a lot of blogs lately, leaving {more than usual} comments, and finding a lot of neat tutorials! Here's what I want to make in the coming weeks:
{Please note that I am not a follower of these blogs, therefore do not know what original content they post. Just a warning in case you run into some inappropriate things;)}
For a special little something, I hope to do over at my photography blog. *wink, wink*

Again, for something special I hope to do in a few months over at my photography blog. *wink*

Look at this though! *sigh* I LOVE it! This I will be making for my camera strap:). It's interesting because you sew the ruffles, and then iron them flat to make it looked gathered.

~The Strappy Camera Lens Pouch~
I also really want to make this for myself and for a friend.

~Messenger Bag::a tutorial~
I LOVE LOVE LOVE messenger bags, and have been tempted, more than once, to purchase the Marie Madeline Messenger Bag.:)
I would love to make this one someday!

~Lined Zippered Pouch/Make Up Bag Tutorial~

Cuteness! Wouldn't that make a perfect gift???

Cute, Cute, CUTE! I LOVE hobo bags. Although, this is a pattern, so I might not be able to read it. ;) That's why I appreciate step-by-step tutorials as an alternative. 

Simple Purse

This is really cute as well.

Original Pleated Wristlet Clutches
These are SO cute!!! I have always wanted to make pleated clutches like that.

Well, that's what I have been thinking about sewing! Hopefully, I shall be accomplishing these tutorials soon!

Great tutorial sites that I like include:

Totally tutorials tips tricks recipes how tos

Amazing sites for tutorials!:)

What are you currently working on? Do you have a favorite tutorial{s} you especially enjoy? Do know of some lovely sites stock full of tutorials? 

Hope you are all having a beautiful day! I shall definitely have to host that 'Old Fashion Christmas' event again this year!



  1. What great ideas! I may just have to try that first camera case... =D
    In answer to your question, right now I'm still working on crocheting scarves to give away in my Pay it Forward (hint, hint everyone; keep an eye on my blog {} for it!) =D

  2. Thanks for posting Grace! You always find the CUTEST tutorials!

  3. Delightful tutorials, Miss Grace! Each item you listed is so fun and adorable! The camera strap is SO cute, and I also really like the camera lens case... How handy!
    Oh, and those bags are so swell! :)

    Many Blessings,

  4. There all so cute! I've never really done a sewing project like these, but I guess there's a first for everything! :)

  5. They are all so cute!! Thank you for posting some very cute ideas!!

  6. Do you have any recommendations for sites to go for simple crocheted things? My mama's b-day is coming up and I need to make her something!

  7. Hi, Rachel!

    Oooh! Crocheting! How fun! I'm not sure how advanced you are at crocheting but you may be interested in crocheting her some fingerless gloves?
    {Part I of video Tutorial}

    Or perhaps a soap bag? Here are some basic instructions:

    Chain about 30 stitches
    Double crochet until your reach the end
    Join loop with slip stitch
    Crochet in rounds by half-double crocheting and chaining one, skip a stitch, half-double crochet, chain one, etc. Join loop with slip stitch.
    Repeat until soap bag is as long as you like.

    I know that was probably extremely confusing!:)
    You can also find some fun circular scrubbies here:


  8. Those crafts look lile great ideas! I didn't actually use any of these projecrs, but tjese inspired me to make a couple bags. I actually made up the pattern as I went and I made them from an old pair pf jeans and and an old pair of shorts. Thanks for posting!

  9. What lovely tutorials! I love all of them! Thanks for sharing!