Mar 13, 2011

A Day in My Spring Garden {Wordless Edition;)}

~To Be Continued~


  1. Those pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Dear Grace~
    Love the pics!!!
    Remember the lime green flower you sent me?
    Where did you get the pattern for it?
    And the pics you posted on ur writing blog, could you do a tutorial on that plz?

  3. Hello there, Rachel! The lime green flower that I crocheted for you was from a book I learned how to crochet from. I highly recommend you to purchase it at Michael's, although it may be a pretty high price. It does have a few typos in it; therefore you do have to learn how to improvise. Here is the book Klutz Crocheting. It's a kit which comes with crocheting needle, yarn, and supplies, as well as a book filled with projects.
    {To find out more info about it:}

    Hope this helps! And I will try to post a tutorial soon. It's harder to come up with tutorials than you think!

  4. Those are lovely pictures, Grace! The one of the bee is my favorite. ;)

  5. Hello Grace,

    Lovely photos! I like the way you take pictures!


  6. Your pictures are all really pretty! :) I can't even pick a favourite!

  7. Oooh, such pretty pictures, Grace! You are so talented! I especially love the second one; the lighting and the focus and everything, it's all just SO lovely!!!
    I believe Spring comes to you earlier than it does to me... I finally had ONE lonely yellow and orange flower, with another one just starting to open up, but we had a rain/hail/snow storm last night that wiped everything out. :-( So now I have to wait again. Oh well. God is teaching me patience for sure! =D
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos!
    Much love in Jesus,

  8. So pretty Grace!! Love the 6th one!!!!